Monday, April 23, 2007

A quick Advert...

Check out if you have time around 2pm today (east coast US time).  The key is oracle2



Blogger Anurag said....

What "conference key" should I enter in order to sign up?

Mon Apr 23, 10:16:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

updated the article, oracle2

Mon Apr 23, 10:41:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Marlenej said....

The site says it is at 8:00 Pacific time, which is a few minutes ago, but it it too early to join...I hope you are more correct about the time.

Mon Apr 23, 11:05:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Marlenej -

no, the site had this:

Conference ID 73399764
Conference Title 4/23 Oracle 10g Application Development Features - Presented by Tom Kyte
Start Time 23-Apr-2007 11:00 AM
Time Zone (-08:00) US Pacific Time
Duration 60 Minutes
Host ORACLEDIRECTSEM_US,oracledirectsem

The TIME ZONE is -8 hours, the time is listed there in Pacific Time - 11am Pacific (-8 from UTC)

It'll be 2pm east cost time, 11am pacific

Mon Apr 23, 11:17:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Alberto Dell'Era said....

Curious that the link received in the Enrollment Confirmation email doesn't work ... a nice blank page (Firefox, IE 6.0 - the same).

Let's hope that it will work when the conference starts.

Mon Apr 23, 01:42:00 PM EDT  

Blogger MWrynn said....

I'd love to check it out but they want me to get work done...Doh!


Mon Apr 23, 01:45:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Joseph Charpak said....

That was shameless self promotion (nothing wrong with that though :)

I'm listening in, even though I don't know what you'll be discussing. Whatever it is, it'll be good.

Mon Apr 23, 01:53:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Daryl B said....

Boooooooo. Got the following with Firefox

RTCC003: The browser is incompatible.
Oracle Web Conferencing requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher to support all features. A limited set of features are supported with Netscape 4.75 or higher and Internet Explorer 5.0.

Mon Apr 23, 02:16:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Tom T said....

Ditto to Daryl B's opinion.

Choosing to manually download the Plugin also failed. Just won't run that Windows executable on this Linux box.

Mon Apr 23, 02:42:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Alberto Dell'Era said....

I strongly second the "Boooo".

Not that the link worked for me in IE 6.0 either ... even if the "Test" passed with flying colors. Even if I manually downloaded the "console". Even if I've casted the magic spell that usually makes wonders with Microsoft technology - a nice reboot.

Mon Apr 23, 02:54:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

hi tom
thanks for presentation
will you make it available for download ?

Mon Apr 23, 03:07:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Sokrates said....

agree absolutely with your boo
didn't manage to participate with
iexplorer 6.0.2900.2180

Mon Apr 23, 03:10:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

will you make the download available...

the participants should get an email link if you used a real email address in a day or so.

Mon Apr 23, 03:11:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Oracle Blogs Recent Posts...

Dear sir,
off topic...
not sure where to send this too.
Please update the Oracle Blogs
"RECENT POSTS" more frequently,
like Sun Micro and Microsoft and SAP
do. Or add a button to browse
earlier posts. I know, I could
learn how to use RSS (I think).

Mon Apr 23, 05:37:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hi Tom,
I attended your presentation on oracle10g Application Development features.You were mentioning about the C style #ifdef equivalent feature in PL/SQL. Whether a pl/sql code written to take advantage of this new feature would run on pre 10g versions?

Tue Apr 24, 05:40:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Will I be able to download the recording/presentation? If so when & where ?

Wed Apr 25, 02:40:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hi Tom
you mentioned that the email will be sent to participants with a link to your presentation.
Was it sent out? I still haven't received it.

Sat May 05, 03:25:00 AM EDT  


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