Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Old Pictures...

Stumbled upon a really neat site - if you like old pictures.  One of my favorite "coffee table" books is Washington Then & Now - mainly because

  • it is full of pictures, not too many words :)
  • it is full of old pictures

So, to find this site if just - well - old pictures was quite a pleasure.

Three that caught my attention - just to whet your interest were:

  1. The Bonus division where the many clerks figure the amount of the bonus each veteran is entitled to.  Notice the sign hanging there "Computing Division, Computing Section".  We have come a small way in the last 100 years.  You will be looking at the original computers - human beings.
  2. View of the US Capitol during the first.  I found the composition to be very striking.  The haze of the fire, the long exposure (note the ghost image in the lower right) - made a really interesting shot.
  3. Exterior of People's Drug Store.  I like the old cars, buildings and people - some of the interior shots are really cool as well - you get to see what was on the shelves and all.

Anyway, if you like that stuff - be prepared to have some amount of time.  There are a lot of them there.



Blogger James said....

I thought these were interesting. Old b/w pictures of Russia shot with 3 different filters to make color separations, Library of Congress combined them.


Tue Mar 06, 11:44:00 AM EST  

Blogger Michael A. Rife said....

It would be interesting to do a parallel activity based on Oracle software. This is how you used to do it in the Oracle database. This is how easily you can do it now in the database.


Tue Mar 06, 12:17:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Interesting site...but how can they claim copyright on all of these pictures?

Surely the copyrights have expired for the vast majority of them.

Tue Mar 06, 01:13:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Cosmic Charlie said....

My mother-in-law was a Computer for NASA (or its predecessor, NACA) in the 1950's. That was her actual job title.

My wife's father was a rocket scientist with NASA.

My wife hates math. Go figure.

Tue Mar 06, 01:27:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Ok - this is eerie.

Wilbur Wright

Steve Feuerstein

Tue Mar 06, 01:29:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

This is an interesting site too to check out ...


Tue Mar 06, 03:30:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Arcadia Publishing had loads of small books with old images of the US, by themes, cities, etc. I have a number related to New Hampshire, where I grew up, pretty neat!

Tue Mar 06, 07:34:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Bo Brunsgaard said....

On the topic of the original meaning of the word "computer":

There is a book out about the history of the human computers by David Grier called "When computers were human". I think is was published last year.

That one's on my way too long books-I-must-get-hold-of list.

Bo Brunsgaard

Wed Mar 07, 05:07:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hello Tom,

First time writing you ... big fan of your books, when's the next one :-)....

Well, you would think I would write to you for the first time about some great (personal) Oracle (newbie) puzzle that I am trying to understand or reprodcue ...but I actually just want to say - thank you.

Thank you for the books, tips, tricks, asktom and being around and thank you for sharing this cool site - http://www.old-picture.com/index.htm! I appreciate it when I find a new cool site to check out.

All the best,

Sergio Pina

Sat Mar 10, 04:19:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Mmmmh, they should give credits to known images, at least. When I click "home" I get a famous Dorothea Lange's image (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Lange-MigrantMother02.jpg) - just renamed "worried woman". Also, they can't claim copyright for such images.

Sat Mar 17, 07:35:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Jennifer said....

What neat pictures, thanks for sharing them.

Sun Apr 29, 04:40:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Thanks for sharing the link! There's a related site with historical photographs: HistoGrafica - old pictures of your town - thousands of old photos of places around the world, uploaded by visitors and tagged on a Google map.

Sun May 10, 07:21:00 AM EDT  


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