Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh Canada...

Week before last, I was in Edmonton, Montreal and Quebec City in Canada.  In Edmonton I got to talk about the upcoming 11g release of the database and in the other two cities I did my database "worst practices" and "instrumentation 101" talks. 

Once again, we did the Montreal and Quebec City talks in a movie theatre,  just like last year. I'll say it again, that is the perfect venue for a talk - the screen is HUGE, the sound system is awesome, the sound proofing of the room is beyond compare, the chairs have cup holders and they are comfortable (maybe too comfortable - the sessions were in the morning and in Quebec City someone snored really loud once, we all had a good laugh at that).

The user group that we sponsored the event with has posted some pictures and an interview with me if you would like to see them.

Oh, by the way, when I was in Edmonton, the residents liked to tell me that they are the "most northern big city in Canada" meaning, they are as close to the North Pole as big cities go in that country.  And you can tell - it was icy, snowing and dark already...  First snow of the season.



Anonymous Anonymous said....

Question about Oracle Database XE

Do you know if ORACLE has any plans on releasing XE on Solaris?

Thank you.

Sat Nov 18, 04:45:00 PM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

There was talk of Solaris x86 perhaps, but nothing definite yet.

Sun Nov 19, 03:53:00 AM EST  

Blogger Robert Vollman said....

I doubt it was the first snow. In Calgary ours was about a month ago, and we're 300 km to the south.

Sun Nov 19, 01:01:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I think ORACLE is loosing a lot of market not offering XE on Solaris. There are plenty of old Sun boxes that have 2-4 years of life in them and can be picked up for $1-2K (including warrantee) making it a good starting ground for those on a budget ... XE would be a perfect compliment to this market.

There's nothing wrong with Linux but if your decision were to eventually run on Solaris getting started on Linux then migrating to Solaris is not the most efficient way of getting from A to B ...

Sun Nov 19, 01:16:00 PM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

as for first snow... should have been more specific.

It was my first snow of the season :)

Sun Nov 19, 01:21:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Was that an armani neck wear? the one you were wearing for canada trip?!

Mon Nov 20, 09:54:00 AM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I own no armani, that was a tie I picked up in Rome 5 years ago at the last minute - nothing fancy.

Mon Nov 20, 11:48:00 AM EST  

Anonymous RobH said....

Boo Edmonton!


Mon Nov 20, 02:30:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I have a co-worker who is speeding up a batch job (an Oracle Report - used to update the DB nightly) by removing the instrumentation, vice moving the guts of the report into a package. It sure would be great to be able to show your 101 presentation - is it available yet?

Mon Nov 20, 05:39:00 PM EST  


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