Friday, July 14, 2006

Some interesting things...

Some interesting things.

I really enjoy the “WTFs” and this smorgasbord issue brought more than one smile. Favorite one of all time:

public class ValidationMessage
//internal members
string messageId;
string messageText;
string helpLink;
/* ... */
double cheeseburger;
char broiled;
long time;

//helper functions
/* ... */

Oh. That. Is. Good. I liked this one too:

Price = 0e-5; /* JKF 1999-07-21 I hope it's not a bug */

Reminded me of a piece of old code of mine that my friend Chris Beck called me on one day. It reads:

typedef struct TAGmy_raw
sb4 len;
unsigned char arr[1];

buffer = (my_raw *)malloc( (int)(Plength*1.1)+sizeof(my_raw) );

His question was "ok, Plength I understand,
it is the length of raw we'll move into arr –
but what is the 1.1 about?"

The only answer I had (years after writing the code) was “good luck?”

SQL Developer
On a more serious note – Sue Harper has an excellent write up on using SQL Developer to do “remote debugging”. How to debug APEX (HTML DB) procedures and triggers and the like. Very nice. If you haven’t looked at SQL Developer yet – this might motivate you to do so.

Your Job
We all like to joke about our management, our work place (actually – I’ve got it quite good. I actually like my job most of the time). But – I hope none of you can hold a candle to any of these stories! The “Employees: the other revenue stream” one – oh my. I cannot believe it.

Standing By
Ok, so you have stuff that consumes lots of electricity. Like monitors and computers and such. People leave them on because it takes a long time to start them up. So – someone thinks up standby mode. Instead of leaving them on 100%, the machines can go to “sleep”.

Now someone has figured out that machines in standby mode consume electricity. This is obviously evil. So – we must outlaw standby mode.

Umm, think about it. Instead of being in standby, people will just leave them on! Yeah, that’ll fix things – just disable standby and we won’t have any electricity wasted due to standing by. Nope, we’ll just use 100% of the power all of the time.

As they like to say in the UK – “brilliant”.

I agree
I agree with this educator. “Will this be on the exam” (loved his response). Coming in late – happens all of the time. Number 5 – actually answering the cell phone. Ok, so you left it on ring by accident. If you are actually going to answer it – at least leave.

But my favorite. “What happened in class yesterday”. If I could say what happened in a sentence then class would be 1 minute long. Awesome answer.

This was amazing to watch
Unless you speak Japanese, you won’t be able to understand the announcers – but trust me, a picture is worth 1,000,000 words for this video. I had no idea you could do that – and the ending where he combines two of them – well, mind boggling.

Last but not least
Nice cheesy commercial from the past. I remember this one – for Atari Pole Position. I didn’t have the game at home but I spent way more than a few quarters playing it at the arcade.

Not only have video games come a long way since then, but apparently so has the art of making commercials. I wonder if what we dress like and how our “culture” looks in 20 or 30 years will appear so “quaint” again.


Anonymous Mark from NY said....

Tom, send this guy one of your books, stat! lol -

I'm not sure what could be said to the author of this one. I wouldn't know where to begin -

Fri Jul 14, 06:15:00 PM EDT  

Blogger jimk said....

The guy blowing the smoke rings underwater is neat. He has to be careful that he doesn't surface while holding his breath. While the pool is probably only 10 to 15 feet deep he is breathing air at the pressure of the bottom of the pool. (about half an atmosphere > sea level) That's why the rings expand on their way up but don't seem to get thinner. (air is expanding to match the pressure)

Fri Jul 14, 06:54:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Stephen Booth said....

On the subject of standby modes. the only discussion I've heard relating to that is the standby mode on televisions &c, not PCs. The time difference from starting from fully off vs from standby for most telvisions is minimal, the only difference is that from fully off you have to physically go to the TV, from standby you can usually just use the remote.

For my PCs I tend to use Hibernate rather than standby. Takes a little longer to come up but uses no power.

Tue Jul 18, 09:53:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Senorito<- Ako said....

java code...

long time;


apparently time is not a java reserve word. :)

Wed Jul 19, 05:35:00 PM EDT  


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