Sunday, July 23, 2006

The first real week...

The first “real” week with the new laptop went surprisingly well. I’ve completely switched over from the really large and really heavy HP Pavilion ZD7000 to the very small and very light Sony Vaio TX series.

I only encountered one glitch. While doing a seminar in Dallas – I could not get the Vaio to simultaneously display at 1024x768 on the notebook and project on the screen. So, for the first day – I only projected on screen which made it a bit tricky, but worked out ok. That night I took the projector back to the room and fiddled about (took new ‘intel graphics media accelerator for mobile’ drivers to get it going). So, on day two – I had both displays working.

The performance of the notebook is pretty nice – it seems to be at least as speedy as the zd7000 – but runs much cooler, fan is definitely not on as much (on the zd7000, the fan is never off). The footprint of it is a definite bonus. When I would take out the zd7000 – people really knew I had a computer. It was so “obvious”. The Sony on the other hand is smaller than a 8.5x11 inch piece of paper. Very unobtrusive.

The screen is really nice – 1366x768 (could be a couple of pixels taller, but it is sufficient) and at home/work with the 21 inch LCDs – I can still extend the desktop and do the normal 1600x1200 on them. So I haven’t given up much screen real estate.

So, after some 20 ½ hours of talks last week (two days of 8 hour technical seminars, the Baton Rouge OUG and the Oklahoma City OUG), I’m very confident in this notebooks ability to do everything I need. I knew I either needed a bigger phone or a smaller laptop (for airports, traveling, meetings and so on). The Treo phone is already about as big as you can get – so this was the only logical choice.

I really like that it doubles as a DVD player as well – no need to boot the OS or even run the OS to watch movies/listen to CD’s or view SD cards. That is a nice bonus.

This week, I’ll be using it on the other side of the podium for once. Meaning, I’m in the audience most of the week. I’ll be at corporate getting spun up on what’s coming in the near future. I haven’t been able to attend one of these events for a while due to scheduling conflicts – so I booked myself into this one a long time ago. It’ll be nice to be in the same city for a week (normally hit city after city) and to be on this side of the podium, asking the questions.


Anonymous Dave said....

so this weeks updates will be you letting us know what to expect in upcoming versions :-)

Sun Jul 23, 03:44:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Doug Porter said....

Great presentation in Baton Rouge. Nice to finally meet you in person. Was well worth the drive over from Mobile, AL.

Sun Jul 23, 09:38:00 PM EDT  


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