Friday, May 05, 2006

The long and winding road...

The long and winding road. You never know what’ll happen when you click around. I like “flickr” interesting pictures (always hoping to see one of mine pop up there but no luck so far). I hit it this evening and saw this:

Thought that was pretty funny – I read some of the comments attached to it and that led me to this site. Some people have way way too much time – buy dehydrated – pretty funny. Read some of the pages.

Anyway, that led me to this other site. Ok, a new – looks even more “real” than the dehydrated water site. These pages are funny too.

Just finished the last of 4-2 day seminars. Got to meet with some 275 people in the last two weeks in 3 countries. It was interesting. Funny thing though – I still get nervous right at the beginning. The first 5 or 10 minutes is really hard – but then it gets good.

I have found that I need to shave after I talk all day. Someone I was talking to had a theory it could be the “adrenalin rush” you experience while talking all day long. For some reason – the 5 o’clock shadow is just more prevalent after a day doing a seminar than it is after a normal day. Might be a false cause and effect – I mentioned it while talking to them once in the context of “when I go over to Europe, I have to take my electric razor and shave in the evening”. They pointed out that they themselves needed to do that after doing a day’s talk or a road show and their theory was “it is the day of talking, not Europe”. Could be, could just be in our heads too.


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these guys sell dehydrated water, I don;t get it...


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