Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shifting time...

Shifting time.  Friday started at the normal time – up at 6am east coast US time.  Worked at home for a bit till the kids got off to school since I was getting driven to work.  I’m going away for two weeks – and I wasn’t going to leave my car in the parking lot (I cannot see paying well over $200 just to let my car sit there).   After a full day at the office – I left for the airport.  My flight was at 8pm – taking off to Munich for a connection to Helsinki.  That was a long day.  Got into the hotel yesterday at 5pm local time.  Just over 14 hours of travel time (just one hour longer than it took me to get from Washington Dulles to Omaha earlier this month!)

Unfortunately I was flying not on my normal airline but a partner airline.  That limited my ability to upgrade and I refuse to pay for the upgrade.  The price is just way too high (it was something like $4,000 difference for the trip).  Call me cheap I guess – even with other peoples money.  Fortunately, since I am a 1K member, they at least give me decent seats in coach.  I had a bulkhead seat with infinite leg room – so it was not horrible (actually, it was pretty good).  Although the beginning of the flight was a bit scary as a family was in the middle set of seats – the plane was a 2-5-2 configuration (hint: always go for the window seat on an overnight flight – that way you might step over someone, but you won’t have someone constantly trying to step over you all night long).  There were 2 parents and 3 kids – small kids – very young kids.  Kids that scream and cry.  In my row.  And screaming and crying they were… Until the plane took off.  And then they slept the entire flight.  That worked out nicely.

Anyway – now I am 7 hours off my time zone, trying to get adjusted for the week.  Monday and Tuesday in Helsinki – fly to London on Wednesday (get 2 hours back) and then fly to Munich for next week (lose an hour again).  My plan involved walking a lot today (done), eating relatively early and trying to get to sleep before 10pm local time.  I just hope that what happened to me in December doesn’t happen again.  In December I was in Oslo and Zurich for a week.  The first half went great sleep wise – then on Wednesday and Thursday – I woke up at 2am in the morning.  Not just “woke up”, but totally “woke up”.  Sitting in bed and reading “woke up”.  Made the rest of the day very long.

One thing I do like about being in Europe is that when I finish my email in the morning – it stays finished, sometimes for hours.  That never happens at home – many times by the time I’ve plowed through my email in the morning – I’ve gotten more email.  It is nice to have it “done” and have it stay done for a while.

Really looking forward to Munich next weekend.  Monday is a holiday so I’ll get an extra day to poke around.  Thanks much for the suggestions on what to see, I’ll be using them.  Definitely looking forward to the Beer and Sausage (love good sausages).


Blogger Q u a d r o said....

Well, about 7 hours shift...

Some time ago we were under migration from PA-RISC to Itanium2. During migration we also had some failover cluster testing. Work was scheduled from 2amp to 8am every day. In the end of the "upgrade week" i became completely shifted for the night time.

I was upset by the future need for shift back for daytime work but... i've got flying ticket to 7 hours off timezone! So that upgrade thing did the trick nicely. Then i landed i was already in my biologically right timezone :-)

Sun Apr 23, 09:49:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

"love good sausages"

Hey, Tom, leave them pigs alone!

Sun Apr 23, 10:36:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Markku Uttula said....

So, you'll have (about) two days to spend in Helsinki? Any special plans, work, conferenses? Or just shifting time?

Sun Apr 23, 11:12:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hi Tom!

Interesting - I am from South Africa, but also visiting Helsinki for the week, so this is really a small world...

Sun Apr 23, 11:24:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Any special plans,

See the asktom home page. I'm doing a 2 day seminar in Helsinki - 1 day of travel, 2 days in London - travel to Munich to day a pair of 2 day seminars (same material back to back - first one sold out).

so this is really a small world...

I dig "small world" stories. Amazing how many people I run into in airports and such - probably not though since many people I know from work travel a lot too.

Sun Apr 23, 11:28:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Mark said....

I should have waved to you on the way over, I expect our aircraft crossed over on the way. I'm at the Collaborate event in Nashville at the moment, trying to cope with the time difference going the opposite way from you.

All the best, hope Munich goes well. I was over there for an EOUG event a few years ago, as you say good beer and good sausages.

Sun Apr 23, 01:09:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I should have waved to you on the way over

I was reading your entry not long ago and laughing out loud at the "reverse time zone shift".

I like going back (west). I get up much earlier than usual for a while - nice to get a jump on the day sometimes.

Sun Apr 23, 01:13:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Connor McDonald said....

Kids that scream and cry.

Hints and Tips for Parents:

When flying with a 15mth old who is behaving perfectly well, under no circumstances should you drop them on their head. (Unsurprisingly enought) they will then scream and cry for the remainder of the 7 hour flight.

Neglectful parent

Mon Apr 24, 08:45:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

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Wed Nov 21, 12:43:00 PM EST  


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