Monday, April 10, 2006

I have just joined the 21st century...

I have just joined the 21st century.  Woo-Hoo, the T1 is installed, configured, and operational.

After 3 months of waiting (I ordered this on December 26th, 2005), and surviving the totally free installation (that only took – oh – two weeks) – it is done.  

Funniest lines uttered during the totally free installation:

Them: What color is the light?
Me: Green, there is a Green light on the CU, there is an amber light on the AL
Them: That cannot be right.
Me: No, it is really green.
Them: If it was green, it would be working.
Me: Well, I do have this AMBER light to compare to – as far as I know this light on the CU could be a) Green, b) Amber or c) not on.  It is not at all like the amber light next to it – and it is on.  That rules out b) and c) – it appears very green.

Now my wife was suggesting we take a picture of it on the camera phone and email it

Them: No, it cannot be green, there must be something wrong.
Me: It is very green.  If I unplug the cable – it goes OFF.  When I plug the cable in it goes very green.
Them: We’ll have to call you back.

When they call back then confirmed that in fact the line was very green.  But the router was misconfigured (they needed to fix that on their end) and the rest of the configuration on their end was “botched”.

But – it works, it works faster than anything I’ve had in the house yet (two satellite providers, dial up, Verizon aircards…).  

I’ve joined the 21st century networking wise.


Anonymous Anonymous said....

Um, I think T1s were first used for data service around 1975 ;-)

Anyway, happy web-connecting! Sounds as if you finally have the right answer for your location.


Mon Apr 10, 09:24:00 PM EDT  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

I once earned some major points with a boss, when he asked me which of the four papers in front of him was the green one -- the was a blue, a white, a green and a yellow if memory serves.

"It's the one with 'green' written on it", I replied sarcastically.

"I'm colour blind", he quipped.

And then there was a long, long pause ...

Mon Apr 10, 10:51:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Rich Janson said....


You've mentioned in the past that you are a big Linux user. Any chance you were using your Verizon aircard under Linux?

I recently talked the good folks in IT into letting me have a Verizon card. I got it activated under Windows, and I've gotten it working well under Fedora, but I'm always interested in other people's experiences as I'm still getting all of the kinks worked out.

Congrats on the T1. No DSL in the area?


Mon Apr 10, 11:10:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Roderick said....

So does this mean you'll be answering asktom postings at a much faster rate? :-)
I think T1 has a better upload bandwidth than cable (which is more download oriented).

Tue Apr 11, 03:14:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Um, I think T1s were first used for data service

Yeah, but if you live where I do, you wouldn't really care about the age of the technology at all - just the bandwidth :)

Any chance you were using your Verizon aircard under Linux?

I have (did for a long time). This time around I was using a Mac...

Tue Apr 11, 07:07:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Jeff Hunter said....

You are the bandwidth god! T1 to the house, sheesh. I can see my Oracle Support costs going up .003% this year...

my word: aaauw - the counter people at AAA are getting orgnaized...

Tue Apr 11, 09:06:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

can see my Oracle Support costs going up .003% this year...

Don't worry - this is my private connection, not Oracle funded :)

I am serious about having a good connection to the internet is all.

Tue Apr 11, 09:34:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Kashif said....

Hey Tom -

Not to pry too much but can you give me a ballpark range on how much it cost you to get the T1 installed? And who did you end up getting it from, i.e. the vendor? Just trying to get an idea...



Tue Apr 11, 09:58:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Installation was 'free'

It is an AT&T managed service. Wires by Verizon.

Tue Apr 11, 10:08:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Glad it's working...
Green. It can't be.

It's never the service provider. It's always the customer.

Tue Apr 11, 10:28:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Your own private t1 line? Don't those cost like a grand a month?

Maybe I'm remembering from 5 years ago, my impression is that would cost insane money.


Tue Apr 11, 12:11:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hi Tom,

What type of Mac machine are you using?

Do you run any Oracle software on it? any time soon to see Oracle XE ported to it soon?


Tue Apr 11, 01:10:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

It is not $1,000 a month anymore. It is rather "expensive", so much so that my plans for getting a real kick butt laptop this year have been postponed :)

It is just a mac laptop. It'll be running Oracle soon as I'll be giving it to someone that can use it properly...

Tue Apr 11, 01:44:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

> Maybe I'm remembering from 5
> years ago, my impression is
> that would cost insane money.

It depends on a number of factors:
1) how far you are from your local telephone provider's central office for your area (less than 12,000' = good)
2) what type of cable runs from that CO to your house (copper = good, fiber = bad)
3) where your internet service provider is located in relation to 3a) their CO 3b) your CO.

Back in 1998 I was getting quotes as low as $275/mo for a managed T1 when the ISP was using the same carrier, was in the same CO, and both were within the distance limit.

Of course, there are a lot fewer ISPs now than there were then, and the telcos have been jacking up the underlying rates, so that may no longer apply. $1250/mo is about standard for managed service from any of the big telcos' business data divisions in my experience.


Tue Apr 11, 01:47:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Krous said....

It is just a mac laptop.

Do you have a mac for the *cool* points?
They are by far the nicest looking paper weights in my opinion :) totally biased ofcoursed

Tue Apr 11, 04:05:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Markku Uttula said....

I must say that I've never familiarised myself too much with T1 specs, but if my memory servers me correctly, it's about the same as the "european version"; E1 @ 1.5Mbps.

For some reason people tend to get more hungry as they eat; high bandwidth is a nice thing to have, but sometimes you just want more... lots more :)

These days 1.5Mbps sounds somewhat slow when *DSL-speeds range from 1-8Mbps (personally I have 4Mbps at home) ... but on ADSL, even though you have "enormous" downstream, you only have max. 768kbps upstream. And after all, how digitised the world is and all, there are places where you can't get wired with *DSL.

All things said, I must admit that I'm rather jealous for those swedes who can get 10-100Mbps connections for peanuts. The world is so unfair :)

Congrats for the bandwidth upgrade.

Tue Apr 11, 04:52:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I am lucky. Where I live, both Verizon and Comcast keep competing and offer higher speeds and good introductory prices. After trying both cable and DSL, I settled for cable. With 6 Mbps speed, I can download 10gr2 10 times a day. I even changed to VoIP phone service and saved a ton of money. The VoIP service is less than half of what I used to pay with unlimited local and long distance to anywhere in US, Canada and Western Europe. With Verizon, everything was charged extra. I had to check before dialing a number to see if it was in my local calling area or not.

I can check my work e-mail from home in seconds. Searching Asktom, Technet and Metalink is so fast. It leaves lot of free time to actually read the articles. Technology does have its advantages.

Good luck Tom with your T1. I wish they would offer faster access where you live. You can really use it.

Tue Apr 11, 05:07:00 PM EDT  

Blogger jimk said....

Yes a T1 in the US is almost the same as an E1 in Europe. (1.4 somthing, so very close) Tom, may not be able to get DSL, it depends how far he is from the central office and the quality of the phone lines. Standard phone calls use 300 hz to 3300 hz for transmission. Which is why the sounds S and F are often confused on the telephone. You are missing the high frequency component. DSL tries to use the high frequency component and that transmission is very dependent upon how far you are fromt he central office. The farther you are the more the high frequences are attenuated and get lost in the noise.

I too have gone the Comcast cable route with VOIP etc. Saved a lot of money and now my wife can talk all day long ont he phone if she wants to. (she doesn't, too busy with the youngsters and making jewelry)

Tue Apr 11, 06:22:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I cannot get cable (no cable here).
I cannot get DSL (too far from CO).
I cannot get line of sight wireless (too many trees).

I despise satellite as a primary (ok for backup)

I'm on the line for verizon broadband - so it would come and go (it was better than satellite).

Dialup is a non-starter.

This T1, I'm hoping it is a temporary thing for a year or two and something else comes along :)

Tue Apr 11, 06:47:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Dave said....

Or you could up sticks and move to the city centre :-)

Tue Apr 11, 07:39:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Tom, If you wouldn't mind, could you post a link to the "kick butt" laptop you are considering. I'm looking myself and I'm not really sure what the top of the line standards are right now.

Tue Apr 11, 09:56:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

it likely would have been this brand

decked out with all of the trimmings.

Wed Apr 12, 07:04:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Gleisson Henrique said....

it likely would have been this brand
decked out with all of the trimmings

I can't imagine Tom and an Alienware computer on the same picture. But hey ! I have seen a picture of Tom wearing a M$ sweater, I guess nothing will shock me anymore.

Wed Apr 12, 07:58:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

The laptop is real good but how is the company? I have never heard much about them.

Wed Apr 12, 08:22:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

The laptop is real good but how is the company?

They are just now getting bought by Dell - a friend of mine has one and really likes it but wasn't overyjoyed with support. Dell has pretty good support. Put the two together and...

Wed Apr 12, 08:35:00 AM EDT  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

I believe that Alienware is being kept as a completely independent unit, and I suppose their support wouldn't change fundamentally. The Dell support ethos may rub off though, even if it isn't brought "in-house".

Wed Apr 12, 08:54:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Well, you can get the free skins and pretend you bought it.

Wed Apr 12, 09:23:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Mark J. Bobak said....

Hmm...I went to that Alienware site and spec'ed out a top-of-the-line m7700 (that's the one w/ the AMD64 CPU) and it came out around $5.1k! Yikes, that's a lot of money for a laptop. I don't think I'll be clicking "checkout" anytime soon...;-)

Wed Apr 12, 11:46:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Alienware is a company that was geared for gamers. I'm disappointed in the Dell buyout (Dell sucks). Alienware has some pretty good equipment, but pricey.

Wed Apr 12, 12:03:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

You had your cell phone near by when that green/amber light thing happened…I guess that’s the reason…

Wed Apr 12, 12:22:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Daivd said, "I believe that Alienware is being kept as a completely independent unit, and I suppose their support wouldn't change fundamentally. The Dell support ethos may rub off though, even if it isn't brought "in-house"."

That's unless Dell sends these jobs overseas. :) kiddddding.

Also, my friends with the FBI, yes the FBI, have these for work machines. Don't ask me how they pulled that off. They weren't too impressed with the laptops, but those are only two people.

I do love my Mac though. In fact, I have a Mac duo-core intel, and the bootcamp is really neat! haven't tried running Oracle on the Windows OS on the Mac. I also have an AMD x86-64 Athlon Laptop with ATI video and it runs Linux beautifully. I remember when laptops used to be pretty bad, but there is some good stuff coming out now.

Competition is good!

Wed Apr 12, 03:02:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Roderick said....

Maybe it's my fault. I was telling some relatives months ago that I couldn't decide between Dell XPS and Alienware for my next gaming machine. "If only they would merge," I said. And it happened (I hope for the right reasons).
Now... what to wish for next... Maybe the ability to boot OS X on those puppies?

Word Verification: xbgoqx
GQ in Xbox?

Wed Apr 12, 10:30:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....


I live in Reston. Not far from where you work. Why did you decide to get a T1? I just got Verizon Fios(fiber optic). I get 5 mb/s for $35/month. I believe you can get 15 mb/s for less than double that. I think the high end service comes with 2 mb/s uploads.

The only thing bad about Verizon is you basically have to blow a day off from work. They don't install on weekends(probably a union shop) and it takes 5-6 hours to do TV and internet.

Aren't the T1s just 1.5 mb/s? Which vendor did you use? What are they charging? How long was the install?

BTW, if you have verizon fios near your house and you do not want to get it. Call your cable and threaten to switch they will lower the price alot.

Sat Apr 15, 03:34:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I live in Reston. Not far from where you work.

And I live far from where I officially work.

20 miles from my CO - no dsl, no fios, no cable, no line of sight wireless.

Tin cans and strings - yes, wires - not really.

Satellite - ugh, don't get me started. The last service was usable but with the quotas - more expensive than my T1 is now.

So, the T1 is a year lease, month to month after that. I'm hoping for some new technology (like IP over power lines :) to come along and save me.

Either that or move.

Sat Apr 15, 04:25:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Lots of useful comments on this post. We moved to perry hall, md and unfortunately Comcast did not lay the underground line for our block of homes. Verizon is too lazy to pick up our calls and provide service. Using Sprint aircard and it sucks. Not sure if there is wireless broadband in this area.

There is not much left on earth without the Internet :)

Mon Oct 09, 04:47:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

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Mon Nov 20, 01:20:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Vic said....

Wait... so you have a residential T1 line?! Boy, I wish I were you!

Mon Mar 19, 05:24:00 AM EDT  

Blogger johnny said....

T1 is the way to go, it is so fast and you will never want to go back to any other speeds again lol. I just signed up for T1 for my business. I chose because they are reliable and cheap.

Wed Nov 07, 01:55:00 AM EST  


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