Monday, February 06, 2006

This is some good news...

This is good news.  Sue Harper has joined the Database Development Tools group in Oracle.  I’ve known Sue for a while, first met her in Copenhagen where she spent a couple of nights with some 17 of us sleeping on floors and such.  It was in January 2004 when I delivered a Master class in Denmark.  As the only female in the group she got one bedroom – as a speaker, I got the other one (had to share it with some turtles but that is another story).  In the mornings we had to step over people to get around (they all had the floor and sleeping bags).

I’ve worked with many of the people in the group she is joining for many many years – dating back to in some cases before I started working at Oracle.  I agree with Sue’s assessment of this group – passion, enthusiasm, incredible energy.  To me, this is a win-win situation for both Sue and the group she has joined.  

Looking forward to working with her even more in the future – as the Database Development Tools group makes many of the things I use every day.


Blogger Kim Nørby Andersen said....

I've also had the pleasure of meeting Sue in Copenhagen, and discussing JDeveloper vs. TOAD. She's an interesting and professionel person, and as you say, a passion for improvement and development :)

It was in the company of Mogens Nørgaard and Anjo Kolk, so needless to say, it was great fun :)

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