Monday, February 27, 2006

In with the new...

I just read through the March/April 2006 Oracle Magazine and thought it was a particularly good edition.

First, I’d like to say congratulations to my friend/editor at the magazine, Tom Haunert. I’ve had three editors at the magazine over the years. Kelli Wiseth was the first one, followed by Jeff Spicer – who had the position Tom Haunert now has. Tom H. became my editor when Jeff moved up to become Editor in Chief of the magazine and now that Tom H. has moved up as well – I’m wondering if perhaps I’m due for editor number four!

There were a couple of really good articles in this issue that I’d like to point out (well, besides my column of course!).

The first was “Using Bind Variables” by friend and coworker Steve Muench. I failed to see how you could go wrong with a title like that! All I can say is read it, believe it, live it. I read it, and if I were to be quoted in the newspapers regarding it, the quotes might look like this:

I laughed, I cried, it was the feel good article of the year”.
Two thumbs up!”

Then there was the article by another friend of mine - Mark Williams - on “Following the Changes”. If you program using .NET technologies, you will be interested in his book “Pro .NET Oracle Programming” and column in the magazine. In this installment, Mark describes how to interface ODP.NET to the new change notification feature of 10gR2.

And then, I flipped the page and who do I see staring at me? Yikes, it is Raj Mattamal with his first article! I’ve worked with Raj for over 11 years now (seems like yesterday he was our little intern… Time flies). This is really cool.

And then there is Arup Nanda with his ASM article, Mark Rittman with his Faster Batch Processing article

And there is more – I must be doing this stuff for way too long – I know almost everyone that has something written in the magazine this issue.

Welcome to the new (congratulations to Tom H on the promotion, welcome aboard Raj!). Good to see the old (me for one – this is now my sixth year writing for the magazine) as well.

Did you know that Oracle Magazine is free, you can subscribe online to either Oracle Magazine (technology) or Profit (applications related)…


Anonymous Krous said....

you do realize "Two Thumbs up" is a copyrighted phrase? ^_^

Mon Feb 27, 11:17:00 AM EST  

Blogger Lance Hoover said....

Actually, I think you mean trademarked. And if so, that doesn't imply that it can't or shouldn't be used: A common word, phrase, or other sign can only be removed from the public domain to the extent that a trademark owner is able to maintain exclusive rights over that sign in relation to certain products or services, assuming there are no other trademark objections.

Mon Feb 27, 12:54:00 PM EST  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

How about "Three thumbs up"? That's even better

Mon Feb 27, 01:28:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

So I will be the first to
send you my congratulations,
Tom for Editor!
Greetings from Switzerland, Daniel

Tue Feb 28, 02:27:00 AM EST  

Blogger Niall said....

I'm sorry my jaw is still on the floor with the enhancement in the JDBC driver for the very latest release of JDEV that now allows shock, gasp, amazementnamed bind variables.

enhancement or basic requirement - you decide.

Tue Feb 28, 03:40:00 AM EST  

Anonymous smartin said....

Unfortunately, I left my copy of the magazine on a Delta flight going into PITT. First time flying with our son (6 months) and there were, umm, distractions.

The tear out subscription form did provide a very useful and disposable toy though :)

Good think I can read the articles online, as I had only read 2 of what seemed like several good ones.

Tue Feb 28, 09:08:00 AM EST  


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