Monday, January 23, 2006

What a bother...

On blogger, it seems if I

  1. use Word to create the post
  2. post as a draft (which I do when I want to put an image or some <pre> tags in
  3. then publish
The comments and individual page do not get generated. I always have to come in an hit the "publish" button a second time to get them to generate.

And I keep forgetting to do that. Oh well, they are there now (Thanks to Doug Burns for pointing out that they were not there...)


Blogger Doug Burns said....

I'm very good at that kind of thing. Just ask Howard. I seem to be looking at his website every time he's working on it!

Now, if I could only apply such diligence to Oracle matters ;-)



Mon Jan 23, 01:13:00 PM EST  

Blogger Howard J. Rogers said....

It's quite true. I do site admin type things at a time when I think most of the UK and the USA will be asleep (the rest of the world can take its chances). I do it as quickly as I can so as not to be noticed. I try and make sure I edit copies of everything before switching them with the real files so as not to be noticed.

Yet Doug spots me doing it every time. It's uncanny.

Mon Jan 23, 03:41:00 PM EST  

Blogger Arun Mathur said....

Hi Tom,

Out of curiosity, what editor do you use when creating posts? I didn't think you used MS Word, hence the "if" statement :)


Tue Jan 24, 08:24:00 AM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I've been using the Word "plugin" for blogger. I don't entirely like it because of the lack of image support and no ability to have a pre tag (have to add those later).

I used blogjet for a while, didn't like it after a while.

I just tried zoundry - and it would be awesome, IF it had a spell checker.

Tue Jan 24, 08:31:00 AM EST  


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