Friday, October 14, 2005

This is even funnier

Alberto Dell’Era pointed this out to me. A while ago, I talked about a playmobil toy. At that time, Alberto forecast that amazon might have "we've noticed that people that bought Playmobil toys also bought these books by Thomas Kyte ..." by the toys.

Well, it came true:

Customers who viewed this book also viewed
  • Expert Oracle, Signature Edition (Expert One-On-One) by Thomas Kyte

  • Practical Oracle 8i: Building Efficient Databases by Jonathan Lewis

  • Expert Oracle Database 10g Administration (Expert's Voice) by Sam R. Alapati

  • Playmobil - Exclusive Airport Terminal #3353 by Playmobil USA Inc

The original blog was “this is funny”, this is will be “this is even funnier”…


Blogger Robert Vollman said....


Thanks for making my Friday!!!

Fri Oct 14, 04:08:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Robert Vollman said....

The thought actually occurs to me - you could "sabotage" someone's book by viewing their book and then viewing some "questionable" items right afterwards.

Fri Oct 14, 05:04:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

you could sabotage

that has already happened before

Fri Oct 14, 05:12:00 PM EDT  

Blogger scubajim said....

That is pretty funny. If someone takes it too seriosly, then I could see them getting very upset about it. I am fairly sure Mr. Robertson isn't buying that literature.

Fri Oct 14, 07:08:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Your already happened link is just too funny. Tom, you do have a sense of humor you just keep it hidden most of the time.

Wonder what might happen to other Amazon book recommendations now that this is out of the bag or closet or ... whatever.

Sat Oct 15, 05:23:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

From my recent experience, Amazon doesn't seem to know much about transactional integrity. I was trying to move things from the wish list to my shopping cart, and it was just bizarre how various items would be orderable, then a minute later not orderable. I assume this was a tier outside the database faulting while trying to get to the db. But they're using Oracle, right? Are they using Webcache?

They also gave me grief ordering your book, some kind of problem processing the payment. I should've just bought it at OOW.

Mon Oct 17, 09:19:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Alberto Dell'Era said....

>Wonder what might happen to other Amazon
>book recommendations now that this
>is out of the bag or closet

I personally look mostly at the "Customers who bought this book also bought" section, since buying a book demonstrates a commitment to the book that's much, much stronger than just looking at it, an action that is accounted under the similar but very different section "Customers who viewed this book also viewed".

And it would be a tad costly to "promote" a book by buying 1,000 copies of it together with 1,000 copies of a mainstream book such as "expert" ...


There's another interesting user behaviour analysis section, "related searches". Try searching for "thomas kyte" ;)

Mon Oct 17, 04:12:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Jan said....

Ha, that is too funny, that Amazon link! I just hope that this doesn't make mr. Robertson want to take mr. Bezos out, that strong-arm bookseller!


Mon Oct 17, 05:57:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Bill S. said....

I know this is off-topic to the current entry, but I just had to share (knowing how many trekkies are reading this blog):

Thanks again, Mr. Scott. :-D

Tue Oct 18, 08:05:00 AM EDT  

Blogger DaPi said....

Also for the trekkies:

Tue Oct 18, 10:14:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Over to the next blog discussion , please

Tue Oct 18, 05:40:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Well getting back to good toys... there's a fabulous chain of toy shops in Italy: La Citta' del Sole. When in Rome last week I spent about €50 on an armful of great scientific and educational toys to give to nieces for Christmas... unless I keep them for myself of course. So on your next visit to Italy....

Wed Oct 19, 08:06:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Alberto Dell'Era said....


Great thanks - I absolutely needed a fiber-optic lamp and a Lava Lamp, I didn't know that they were waiting for me just around the corner ;)

Thu Oct 20, 04:30:00 PM EDT  


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