Thursday, October 27, 2005

This does not bode well...

This does not bode well for my next employee review!  I was asked to speak at a local technology group meeting over dinner next month.  They were hoping I would be able to do it – but I was already booked out of town at that time.  I’ve been helping them find someone else to come and suggested my manager (an excellent presenter by the way – I’ve learned a thing or two from watching him).

Anyway, this morning I got an email from him – a very very long one with a huge email trail.  His comments were:

OK, I guess I finally know my place.  Below you'll note that they soften the blow that they couldn't get you by saying:

"I have great news the speaker for this event is actually Tom Kyte's manager Tim Hoecsht."

So, now I'm Tom's Manager, Emily's husband, Grant's dad,.... 


Glad he has a sense of humor (  No personal identity, but a sense of humor…


Blogger Niall said....

That reminds me of something Tony Campolo once said about a student who was going away to strip away the layers of other people and find her true self. What he asked if you remove the relationship with your parents, your friends, your employer and so on, peeling away layer after layer until you discover...

You're an Onion. There is no inner core worth talking about.

Now that image is somewhat overstated, but not nearly as much as our instinctive reaction tells us. its our work, family and other relationships that largely make up who we are, people - like chimps and others apes as well - are hugely sociable creatures.

Now the box is asking me to choose an identity before I post...

Thu Oct 27, 03:50:00 PM EDT  

Blogger shrek said....

ogres are like onions.;-)

Thu Oct 27, 05:00:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Jan said....

AH! Niall gives me the opportunity to shamelessly plug two of my favorite Buddhism books :-) That did sound a lot like Buddhism didn't it? Or like Shrek...

Brad Warner:
Hardcore Zen : Punk Rock, Monster Movies, & the Truth about Reality
Geshe Michael Roach: The Garden : A Parable


Thu Oct 27, 05:05:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Noons said....

ogres are like onions.;-)

and donkeys like parfaits.

Thu Oct 27, 09:50:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Robert said....

I think somebody misspelled Tim's name

Thu Oct 27, 10:50:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I think somebody misspelled Tim's name

Too funny, I didn't even notice, but yes - they did not get his last name - Hoechst - correct even :)

Fri Oct 28, 01:06:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Must be pretty tough to conduct an "employee review", much less a salary review, for Tom Kyte: the man who can get 27,374 job offers by making a single posting on Usenet!


PS Tom - if you are thinking of trying the Midwest (US) for a while I have a nice office for you!

Fri Oct 28, 08:10:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Tim said....

Ironically, I'm allergic to onions.

Nonetheless, I guess I'm lucky to have layers as valuable as Tom.

I had also noticed the misspelled only exacerbated my identity crisis.

For what it's worth, I've since discovered that that I was not asked to give this talk as Tom's alternative...I was FOURTH in line after Tom. I'm like one of those little baby pearl onions in a martini.

_Tim (Hoechst)

Fri Oct 28, 04:47:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Rahul said....

Don't know how long Asktom will remain ;-)

Fri Oct 28, 07:24:00 PM EDT  


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