Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mark Rittman on the blogger dinner

Mark Rittman uploaded some photos of last nights dinner.  It was great - I knew some of the people "face to face" (Steve Muench, Sue Harper and Mark) but not the rest of them.  It it always nice to put a face to the name - to see what the people actually look like.

Yesterday I had an OTN "meet and greet" session in the OTN lounge.  The size was perfect - just about 20 people showed up and we sat around and talked for about an hour/hour and a half. Gave away some books and t-shirts and everyone seemed happy, myself included. Everyone that came pretty much participated.  Mark Rittman did his this morning and had a similar pleasant experience. I have one more tomorrow morning at 11:30 am for anyone that wants to just come down and talk (Moscone Center West, ground floor).

Apress arranged for a book signing in the book store today from 12:30-1:30.  The traffic was great, a nice steady stream - got to meet even more people whose names I recognized.  That perhaps is one of the best parts of this week - getting to meet everyone.

Anyway, OOW is more than half over now - but going strong. Just me and 35,000 other people walking from place to place (it is huge).



Blogger Mark said....

Thanks, Tom, for the mention, it was good to meet up with yourself and the rest of the orablogs people.

If anyone's interested, we'll be doing a similar thing on the Monday night of the UKOUG Conference, I'll post an invite and location nearer the time. As before, everyone welcome.

Wed Sep 21, 08:23:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Samuel Adanu said....

Hi Tom,

I have been to the Mark Rittman website and I have seen the photos. I think it's a great feeling for the Oracle Gurus or Wizards to take some time off, relax and have a nice meal :D

Thu Sep 22, 01:39:00 PM EDT  


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