Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Where in the World

Just playing with the new camera, so, guess where I am this week.  That is the view out the window.  It is only 100F (40C), on the way up for the rest of the week. 

I’m here for the week to attend our sales kickoff for FY2006.  This morning we had retired General Tommy Franks talk.  It was pretty cool, he had a very nice presentation style.  He had a point, a message and delivered it in a very natural, conversational style.  Many laughs, I think it is important to incorporate some humor in the show.  If I’m talking for a while and haven’t gotten a laugh — I’m not doing so well. 

I enjoy watching others present and this week I’ll be taking it in for a change.  I try to pick up a tip or two from each one.  Sometimes the tip is “note to self: NEVER do ‘x’”.  Sometimes the tip is a good one.  Two people whom I’ve seen present and always enjoy are Jonathan Lewis and Cary Millsap.  They are similar but very different.  I’d be “not telling the truth” if I said I haven’t stolen a line or two from them.

The best line I’d love to steal was from Mogens Norgaard, but I won’t because it would be too blatant (it is so good, I could not take credit for it).  His last slide in a presentation was simply


Too cool (wish I would have thought of it).  Anyway, on the flight out here I got a “minimeal” (airline speak for “we’ll sell you cheese and crackers for $5”).  In it was a wet-wipe.  Bored, I read the package.  Check out the directions.  The word “duh” comes to mind.  I looked at the package of nuts they gave me, it actually said “warning: this is packed in a factory that processes nuts” — no kidding.  Well, it was good for a laugh anyway.



Anonymous Jeff said....

Your camera doesn't seem to be doing too good. Pictures are not very clear.

I like the way you think.


Tue Jun 14, 05:42:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Children with fatal nut allergies (such as mine) are taught to read the ingredients list on every package they are handed, no matter what the front says or the grown-up tells them. That is where the legal warning must be printed. Even kids who can't read can be taught to recognize those words.

Just some info to file away for future reference. Much as I admire Sherlock Holmes I never agreed with his "useless knowledge" theory!


Tue Jun 14, 05:46:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

It looks like a view of the Las Vegas Strip - New York, New York and Excalibur hotels. I'm guessing you are at the MGM Grand.

Tue Jun 14, 05:55:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Alberto Dell'Era said....

Looks like Neverland ...

Tue Jun 14, 05:58:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Jasper Scholten said....

Hi Tom,

Looks like Las Vegas to me...



Tue Jun 14, 06:05:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Eddie said....

If it is only 100F, it must be Las Vegas!

Tue Jun 14, 06:54:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Bill S. said....

That picture looks suspiciously like one I took out the window of my room when my wife and I were staying at the MGM Grand - is that where you were? Great view! Great town - great times!
*SIGH* Wish I was back there again!

Tue Jun 14, 07:44:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous blo said....

Looks like Las Vegas to me..

Tue Jun 14, 08:41:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Slava said....

Google to the rescue :)


Tue Jun 14, 09:08:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Scott said....

Mmmmm! United SnackBoxes...

Looks like there's quite a choice:
- jumpstart
- minimeal
- quickpick
- funpack

All of them sounds so good, but only the "funpack" comes with a Pez dispenser...

Tue Jun 14, 10:14:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Julia said....

Hi Tom,
I am glad you are enjoying Las Vegas.
I haven’t heard Jonathan Lewis. I missed his presentation at IOUG conference. However, I almost missed my flight because I couldn’t make myself leave your class at Hotsos even 5 min earlier. It was fun! You got many laughs from the audience.
I think Cary Milsap is a natural presenter too. He can entertain the audience. I remember him saying, “I would like to be more like Tom” when he mimicked your presentation style.
It was a good conference!
Enjoy your sales kickoff for FY2006!


P.S. It was fun reading about your parenting style. Kudos on the idea of checking up on your son with VNC. Parenting for the 21st century! :)

Tue Jun 14, 10:26:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Tom Best said....



The MGM doesn't look like that anymore.

OK, that was a stretch.

Tue Jun 14, 11:05:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Jeff said....

picture was taken out of a dirty window (and picture of the package was done with digital macro and no flash, so blurry, and then edited to be "small"). Camera takes very nice pictures actually. Just concerned about bandwidth of people having to look at them.

anonymous on the the nuts package

but it was a WARNING label on a package that contained "nuts" :) but I hear what you are saying - a warning label is a warning label. I understand.

everyone else

Yes, it is the 14th floor of the MGM grand :) I figured this would be an easy one! (not down to the MGM grand, but to Las Vegas, but getting to "you are in the MGM grand" was excellent!)

Wed Jun 15, 03:06:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Alberto Dell'Era said....

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wed Jun 15, 05:01:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Sue said....

Hey Tom,

Glad to see you have bought that camera. (and there I thought I'd be advising you on what to buy over a beer!) Early morning and later afternoon are the best times for a camera - all the rest is haze or too bright and in the Las Vegas heat... you gotta be up early. Have fun with it!

Sue H

Wed Jun 15, 06:23:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Tim... said....

Careful Tom.

I've watched CSI. I know what happens in Vegas...

Wed Jun 15, 09:21:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Tim said

well, as they say "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas"

along with your money of course.

Wed Jun 15, 09:35:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

News last night said it was hotter on the east coast than Death Valley. But at least LV is a "dry heat" :)

Wed Jun 15, 09:43:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Tim... said....

It's raining here in Birmingham (UK). I bet you're all jealous!

Tom, I hope your wife doesn't read your blog. When Brits say that sort of thing it normally means they've been doing something their wifes/girlfriends would not be happy about.

If you're not careful you will end up like this guy: http://www.mil-millington.com/



Wed Jun 15, 10:03:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hey, Tom! I love your blog. Both fun and informative. I did notice one small display issue: "Mogens Norgaard" comes out as "Mogens N�rgaard" under both IE and Firefox. I'm assuming the garbage is the code for the Nordic "O with line through it".



Wed Jun 15, 10:15:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Tim said...

someone posted that link a couple of days ago -- that was hillarious! A very good read.


hmm, you are right, it looked right in the editor but not on the page, I changed it to a simple "o"...

Wed Jun 15, 10:19:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Tom, you are a HHGTTG fan so you probably remember what drove Wonko to create the asylum to keep the Earth in?

That's right, instructions on a toothpick pack....not that I am questioning your sanity :)

Wonko also had something to say on scientists (not to resurrect old threads)

"I just thought you'd like to see," he said, "what angels wear on their feet. Just out of curiosity. I'm not trying to prove anything, by the way. I'm a scientist and I know what constitutes proof. But the reason I call myself by my childhood name is to remind myself that a scientist must also be absolutely like a child. If he sees a thing, he must say that he sees it, whether it was what he thought he was going to see or not. See first, think later, then test. But always see first. Otherwise you will only see what you were expecting. Most scientists forget that. I'll show you something to demonstrate that later. So, the other reason I call myself Wonko the Sane is so that people will think I am a fool. That Allows me to say what I see when I see it. You can't possibly be a scientist if you mind people thinking that you're a fool. "

Wed Jun 15, 10:21:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Richard Byrom said....

Hi Tom

If you've bought a new camera you should think of opening a flickr account. A really good way of sharing your photos and tagging them. It also gives reader's the ability to subscribe to your photos via RSS so they know when there's any updates.

Secondly, any chance you can give us full text RSS feeds?

Wed Jun 15, 11:26:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Eric said....

Hi Tom,

I looked up the ora-3113 as I tend not to remember things I can easily find. So I metalinked (googled has become a verb, so why not this one?) for it but did not remember the right code. Another case of things I can easily find, I guess. I entered ORA-1335 instead. Maybe you can use that in one of your presentations.

Wed Jun 15, 11:55:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Patty C. said....


Thank-you for the chuckle today. It is good to hear that even the Tom Kytes of the world read the back of packages on an airplane when they are bored. I also always enjoy your presentations as well as Cary's and Jonathan's. You are all able to capture the audience's attention and keep it, sometimes past the end of the presentation!


Wed Jun 15, 01:28:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Jer Smith said....

They don't put you folks up at the Wynn, now? Cheap company. :) Where are my license costs going, anyway.

Wed Jun 15, 01:31:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Niall said....

Whilst you are there get Mogens to show you the Oracle Haikus he had. neat stuff.

3113 was something like

We used to talk.
but sadly
no more.

Of course I think any presentation that ends 03113 should start ORA-07445.

Wed Jun 15, 03:08:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Niall said....

oh and Tim, surely that is what ORA-00001 is for, no? (gotta be a novalidate wisecrack somewhere coming).

Wed Jun 15, 03:11:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Tim... said....


There are so many good blogs to read it's impossible to remember where you picked up each little gem.

Personally I blame the application. Surely it should have pervented me from posting duplicate entries ;-)



Thu Jun 16, 04:43:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

My favourite application error message (from a well-known printing software vendor's product):

"Something bad has happened"

Thu Jun 16, 07:42:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Shad said....

I wanted to add that Google's free Hello software greatly optimizes the process of posting images to a Blogger hosted blog. Even with the capability of being able to host images from your other site, Hello is so convenient that you may want to give it a try.

Thu Jun 16, 09:57:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I did not know that they serve nuts in business class!

Thu Jun 16, 12:46:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Shad Said...

I'll take a look at that, thanks

I didn't know they served nuts

They server everyone in business class regardless of mental state.

But I was flying "Ted", which means there is only one "class" -- and it is not first nor business ;)

Thu Jun 16, 12:52:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Tarry said....


I didn't know they named a town after me.:-)

BTW Flikr is another option as well.

Fri Jun 17, 08:40:00 AM EDT  


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