Monday, June 06, 2005

Some Quick Plugs

My friend Sergio Leunissen has restarted his HTML DB blog and promises to keep it up to date.  Sergio has been working on HTML DB since it’s inception years ago.  If you are interested in HTML DB, that’ll be one to check out from time to time.

I’ve been using blogjet to write these articles with.  It works very well — it was a bit pricier than some of the other alternatives, but it does let you evaluate for 30 days with all features enabled (why why why do some products have evaluations with limited features?  How do I know if I like it if the most important features are disabled).  So for me, blogjet won (I tried a couple). 

Picked up firetune based on HJR’s advice.  It did speed things up for me simply by enabling caching of SSL pages.  My satellite proxy cannot/does not speed up SSL and for me that really helped. 

I changed from tabbrowser extensions to tab mix.  It is a safer plugin.  Added IEView  as well, very handy for making sure the pages look OK in that legacy browser.

And if you use yahoo mail, you might be very interested in ypops!  It is a http ‘proxy’ that pretends to be a POP3 email server running on your local pc, it takes POP, turns it into HTTP and gets the mail from yahoo.  Really neat.  I’m using it so that Thunderbird is my email client for all email now.  I don’t have to check in on Yahoo to pick up my Yahoo mail.  And since it works with proxy servers, I can use it inside or outside of a firewall.



Blogger Sagar said....

In previous post "Firefox " you've mentioned of StumbleUpon, Ad-ons
I've been using that and it is addictive.
Thanks for sharing the information.

Mon Jun 06, 12:37:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Amar said....


Did you try wbloggar

Have been using it for my posts. Seems good to me. Can do almost everything you showed and best part is its free.

And yes the plugins for firefox were great, browsing with firefox has got a new meaning now especially with smoothwheel, adblock and forecastfox.

Wanted to know which linux do you use ? Redhat AS, Fedora, or Suse ?


Mon Jun 06, 01:18:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Wanted to know which linux do you use

right now, been using RHAS -- might try suse in the near future.

Mon Jun 06, 02:50:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Sten said....

Hi Tom,
Have you considered using Mac OSX for your desktop/oracle?

Mon Jun 06, 03:46:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Jeff Hunter said....

Have you ever been able to get VPN to work over satellite? When I lived in the back hills I looked at satellite, but the guy on the phone told me they don't support VPNs....

Mon Jun 06, 04:24:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....


No, not really -- maybe when they are intel based and if there is a wider selection of hardware...


No problem with vpn, I use the cisco vpn client -- haven't had any issues (well, as long as you don't play with the MTU settings too much as satellite tuning tips want you to do, I have knocked myself out that way)

Mon Jun 06, 04:51:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Ypops: Doesnt that kind of defeat the point of web-based email? If you POP your email (by whatever means) and use a local MUA like Thunderbird, you lose the flexibility of being to access your email from anywhere in the world. You are locked in to that one machine where Thunderbird is installed.


Tue Jun 07, 06:54:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Ypops: Doesnt that kind of defeat the point of web-based email?

and where in the world would I be without my latop? :)

for me, it works wonders. and with pop, you have the ability to leave the mail in both places.

converse -- with web only mail, you lose the ability of being able to access your email without a network.

Tue Jun 07, 07:19:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Sokrates said....

οιδα ουδεν ειδως

Tue Jun 07, 11:08:00 AM EDT  


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