Sunday, May 01, 2005

On my way to IOUG-A

Subject says it all -- in the airport, have a little down time and a wireless connection so here I am.

Just finished chapter 10 of son of "Expert one on one Oracle". It'll probably become 10 and 11 after the editor gets it (it got big). All about tables. It was supposed to have been 9 but I missed transactions in my outline somehow! Got it back in.

So I'm ahead but behind :) Space management changed alot after 8i with ASSM. It is hard writing when there are two ways to do everything.. "If this is true then you'll see this else you might see this unless of course that has happened in which case you might observe this..." ugh. Well, we'll see what the reviewers have to say...

Anyway, I have two talks tomorrow -- one on "All about Binds" (believe it or not, I can talk for an hour on that topic and still manage to run out of time). The other is from 8:15pm to 9:45pm -- at night, thats right. This has information on it, I'm just hoping someone shows up. I'll be talking about "Why" -- that is, why "why" is almost always the right answer to give after getting a question....

Anyone Asks: "I want to do X"
Answer should be: "Why?"

and go from there. It'll be mostly Q&A though, stop by if you like.


Anonymous Anonymous said....

Wish I was there. But gave up going to the IOUG for the Hotsos meeting this year - mainly to attend your training day. Any chances that you will give another training day at Hotsos 2006? =)

Mon May 02, 12:41:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous OracleDoc said....

Good luck Tom and thanks for the help with the table cache thing over the weekend! Wish I was still in FL, I'd show up and heckle you :p

Mon May 02, 04:23:00 AM EDT  


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