Friday, November 01, 2013

All day optimizer event....

I've recently taken over some of the responsibilities of Maria Colgan (also known as the "optimizer lady") so she can move onto supporting our new In Memory Database features (note her new twitter handle for that: ).

To that end, I have two one day Optimizer classes scheduled this year (and more to follow next year!).  The first one will be Wednesday November 20th in Northern California.  You can find details for that here: .

The next one will be 5,500 miles (about 8,800 km) away in the UK - in Manchester.  That'll take place immediately following the UKOUG technical conference taking place the first week of December on December 5th.  You can see all of the details for that here:

I know I'll be doing one in Belgrade early next year, probably the first week in April. Stay tuned for details on that and for more to come.


Blogger Steven Feuerstein said....

Well, it's good to hear that you have been able to optimize your time to take on more responsibilities. Seemed like you were pretty busy already. :-)

Fri Nov 01, 12:38:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Sokrates said....

pretty busy:
absolutely, no asktom update for three weeks could be a new record, I assume

Fri Nov 01, 01:25:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....


sorry - i was in Slovenia, Croatia, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Trenton, Winnipeg, Calgary and Denver these last three weeks...

just getting my email caught up now - down to 12 items in my inbox :)

Fri Nov 01, 01:26:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Hoek said....

We didn't know where you were the past weeks, since the 'Where is Tom?'-calendar no longer appears on your site ;)

Tue Nov 05, 10:21:00 AM EST  

Blogger K Ville said....

Thank you so much for coming to the UK to do the class. It was absolutely brilliant. Learning new, relearning old, it will make me a better DBA. I really appreciate your effort to stay so upbeat and focused at the end of a long road trip (especially in that cold.) KV

Fri Dec 06, 07:39:00 AM EST  


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