Monday, August 06, 2012

Latin America OTN Tour....

Just starting the Latin American OTN tour for the week here in Uruguay.

This is my first time in Uruguay and I spent the weekend in Montevideo.  It was a wet, damp weekend - very foggy too!  But on the plus side - the food is excellent and plentiful.  The local user group leaders here made sure we were well fed and warm for lunch every day :)

Today is the OTN conference - Dimitri Gielis is presenting right now using a "slide free" presentation.  He is building an APEX application to the specification of the audience, in real time.  A pretty neat concept, I like it, very good way to show the ability of the tool:


Tomorrow Andrew Holdsworth, Graham Wood and I are doing a Real World Performance day here before we are off to Argentina for a repeat.  To get to Argentina, we are going to a three hour ferry ride.  It is supposed to rain - so that will be a damp, wet trip for sure.

After Argentina we'll be off for Sao Paulo Brazil for a repeat on Saturday (yes, Saturday!).

If you are in the area, you can find the details here:  or on  Hope to see you here!

Now I'm off to answer some questions that I have in my queue...


Anonymous Sokrates said....

Dimitri is a great APEX-man

Now I'm off to answer some questions that I have in my queue...

which kind of questions ?
only "easy" ones ?

Tue Aug 07, 04:09:00 AM EDT  


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