Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming soon to Ireland and the Netherlands...

In September I'll be delivering a free Seminar in Dublin Ireland from 9am till 2:30pm on September 19th at the Gibson Hotel.  It is being delivered in conjunction with the Ireland OUG and anyone (even non-members) may attend.  Food is involved so it is a real deal :)  I'll be talking about big data, statistics and managing large sets of data.  We'll close up with a Q&A session before lunch.  Full details on registering and the agenda may be found here.  Also see the Ireland Oracle User Group page.

After that, on September 20th, I'll be delivering a full day seminar with Oracle University in Utrecht in the Netherlands.  Full details - including the agenda - may be found here.

Hope to see you at one of the events!


Anonymous Acompanhantes Brasilia said....

Very nice!!!

Tue Aug 14, 08:44:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hi Tom,

Small typo there, it's Utrecht not Utretch.

Tue Aug 14, 12:34:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

@Anonymous - you are correct (of course!) I've fixed that, thanks!

Wed Aug 15, 09:33:00 AM EDT  

Blogger puthranv said....

Awaiting to meet you in AIOUG - INDIA this November.
Welcome to India Mr.Oracle

Wed Aug 15, 02:30:00 PM EDT  


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