Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little more on Oracle OpenWorld...

I've already posted information on where to get my OpenWorld materials (see the comments for how to access the content for other sessions as well).  Now I'd like to invite you to listen in for more information as well.  I know both of the speakers - I've podcasted with Willie Hardie in the past and Mark Townsend is the guy I work for.

So, get the full recap on key Database product announcements from Oracle OpenWorld. And chat LIVE with Oracle Database VPs Willie Hardie and Mark Townsend. This exclusively online event is Oct 18/19 (two sessions). Register today:

Following Oracle OpenWorld last week, do you fully understand how new database product announcements impact your projects? Do you have questions about big data, new engineered systems, or clouds? Attend our OpenWorld recap and live chat with Oracle Database experts on October 18/19. For details and to register, visit


Anonymous Buzz Killington said....

Is "big data" this years most popular buzzword? Been to 3 different conferences where it kept constantly being interjected into every topic. Big data this, big data that.

Thankfully I think the term Web 2.0 is on its way out - and not a minute too soon!

Wed Oct 12, 03:01:00 PM EDT  


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