Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Searching on Google just got a lot safer...

If you use Chrome anyway. If you haven't tried Chrome - give it a whirl, I was a diehard Firefox user until I tried out Chrome.

There is an extension that can block sites on Google Search. It is called the "Personal Blocklist". Within seconds of installing it - the annoying sites that use whatever technique they can to get to the top of a Google Search were blocked (by me, you just click on "block " in the search result and they disappear!)

You can opt to show the blocked results at anytime - so if you wanted to see them - they are easily there, but hidden.

Very cool - very very cool. There was at least one or two sites I blocked immediately - including the annoying ones that pretend to show answers but then want you to log in to read them (sometimes with a paywall).


Blogger eMPi said....

Nice addon, but...

The same functionality can be achieved by using greasemonkey scripting addon for FF together with GoogleFilter script. It has a bit clumsy interface as you have to write your blacklist directly into script but I prefer my addons not to "phone home" my decisions.


Tue Feb 15, 07:44:00 AM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....


actually, I appreciate the "phone home" in this case for as I read it - they will use that feedback to improve the search results for everyone else... The more that block some site - the more the possible effect.

Tue Feb 15, 08:00:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Good by, Mr. Burleson!

Tue Feb 15, 08:01:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Dan O'Brien said....

Google Search may be safer. But your privacy is worse under Chrome than Firefox. (with a default install in my tests at leasts).

Chrome by default key logs everything you type into the URL location bar (for predictive searching). You can disable this, but in my view this is a feature that most companies would NOT want enabled.

Tue Feb 15, 08:18:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

It's a Burleson-Blocker!

Talking browsers, has anyone seen the performance of the new IE9?

Tue Feb 15, 11:23:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Why you don't like Burleson so?

Tue Feb 15, 05:48:00 PM EST  

Blogger eMPi said....

@Thomas Kyte

Well, it may be good for feedback but it can be easily misused. Just rent a few hundreds zombie PCs and tell them to start blocking - for example - oracle.com. Do that for couple of months and oracle is off the search list. It's maybe exaggerated for such big site as oracle.com but for smaller competitors...

Nothing against the plugin but I hope google has got some algorithm implemented to prevent this.

Wed Feb 16, 04:02:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Easy picks:

Wed Feb 16, 10:54:00 AM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

The old expertS EXchange (you have to wonder about the person that named that site - even with the hyphen...) was first on my list...

Even though they now publish the answer at the bottom of the page (way at the bottom...). Google busted them for serving a different page to the indexing engine than they would to someone clicking through. So, they had to publish the answers WITHOUT requiring you to sign up - if they wanted them indexed...

(so if you get an experts-exchange link and wanted to see the answer, just page down a lot, ignore their "get instant access" box, you don't need to click it away or anything.

Wed Feb 16, 11:30:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Alex Peta said....

yes Chrome is cool, but when it comes to JS/html/jquery debugging etc , there is no tool like firebug, vs the developer tools in chrome.

Thu Feb 17, 06:24:00 AM EST  

Blogger Donat said....

I've been using the extension named Google Search Filter for this since some time. It is maybe less easy to use as it is not interactive: you have to copy/paste the domain to your blacklist. But it also has a white list! The sites in that list are put on top of your search results... And, last but not least, it can synchronise your lists across browsers. :)
I am not affiliated with the developers of that extension, just a happy user.
Here the link to the extension:
My black/white lists are available on demand. I'll post them somewhere online if you want it.

Thu Feb 17, 02:35:00 PM EST  

Blogger OraTek said....

Another which I used is
Search Engine Blacklist - Chrome Web Store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jiicbcimbjppjbckmoknagndlhjbeohb

I noticed Google Search Filter has privileges to access "Your data on all websites", where as the others limit themselves to google only.

Fri Feb 18, 02:51:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

>Google busted them for serving a
>different page to the indexing
>engine than they would to someone
>clicking through.

In those days it was actually useful, you just had to remember to use the version cached by google. I didn't know they started showing the answer, thanks.

Tue Mar 08, 03:57:00 AM EST  


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