Saturday, April 24, 2010

Did you know...

It is Saturday (ok, you probably knew that) so I'll do something non-Oracle. Did you know - carrots aren't really supposed to be orange? They should be purple. And they are if you grow a few generations of the Orange ones (they revert back to their natural state).

So, much like the yellow, easy to peel bananas we enjoy - Orange carrots are a product of "us".

I wonder what Bugs Bunny would have to say about that...


Blogger Byte64 said....

well, actually there are a quite a lot of things around that are a product "of us", but in this case this is still natural stuff, it's just a matter of genetic selection in contrast with modern OGM techniques.
Most of the fruit we eat, in its original or "natural" form would be either much smaller or more acid, like cherries, peaches, plums, apples...
And the same goes with domestic animals.
In the end it looks like "hackers" have been invented a loooong time ago!

Sat Apr 24, 02:23:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Gary Myers said....

Pigs revert from pink to black within a few generations too.

Sat Apr 24, 07:01:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

So, if technology could accelerate classic cross-breeding techniques, would that accellerate the downsides?


Sun Apr 25, 12:22:00 PM EDT  

Blogger galactic_hitchhiker said....

I did not know that the genetically modified stuff also "auto-downgrades".
I do remember eating the the "version 1.0" purple carrots when I was a kid when the genetically "upgraded" stuff was still not widely available.

Mon Apr 26, 05:24:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Noons said....

Funny thing is how the dutch were having fun with hybrid carrots, 200 years before Mendel was supposed to have invented genetics!

Tue Apr 27, 02:05:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Martin said....

If you happen to be in holland this friday you will see lots of people dressed up as carrots on our national holiday ;-)

Tue Apr 27, 11:56:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

@Noons: Yeah, not to mention royal inbreeding going back at least to the Egyptians!

Poking at a black box isn't necessarily science.

word: rette

Tue Apr 27, 04:47:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Sanjay said....

Thanks for the article link on carrots. Coincidently, I was chewing carrot this Monday morning when I found this link on your blog site. You are truly amazing person with so many flavors and colors.

- Sanjay

Mon May 03, 12:02:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous said....

i like this

Sat May 08, 10:42:00 AM EDT  


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