Thursday, February 05, 2009

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Cary Millsap has recently pointed to a couple of postings and quoted some people on the fine art of instrumentation.  He quoted me (and got it pretty much 100% - dead on) a couple of times as well.  I'll add a quote/story to his list of quotes...

When Oracle 10g first was released - I was out and about talking about new features.  One of the big ones was the ASH/AWR/ADDM set of functionality.  One time, while presenting it an audience member raised their hand and innocently asked:

What is the overhead of this, what performance impact will this have on my system

I paused for a second, thought about it, and said:

Probably at least negative 10 percent or less (meaning more - like negative 1000%, more negative)

The audience now paused and we sort of looked at each other and then I explained.  The addition of this instrumentation/repository will allow your database to perform better than it currently is - any 'overhead' of the additional instrumentation is more than offset by the gain in performance.

Instrumentation, using bind variables correctly, not swallowing exceptions (when others, not followed by RAISE), avoiding triggers (and side effects) and designing your system to perform in the first place - it is a really short list I have but everything on it has profound impact.

It's a small world

As it turns out - both Cary and I were in Utrecht, the Netherlands recently.  He was there one week, I was there the next (just missed each other).  We were both there to deliver seminars and he pointed out that someone who had been to both posted a critique.  It was neat to see how the two sessions seemed to have complimented each other.

And since that is sort of a review of my seminar - that brings me to the


You can see my scheduled on - there is a calendar there showing my public events.  I would like to point out that I'll be doing two day seminars in:

  • Prague, Czech Republic - March 10th-11th
  • Athens, Greece - April 7th-8th
  • Rome, Italy - May 18th-19th

Links to information regarding pricing, location and so on are on the the site.  Also, any and all user groups I'm attending for the next 2-3 months is posted there as well.  Hope to see you at one (or more) of the events.



Blogger Mark Williams said....

Funnily enough my presentation at HotSos this year (Instrumented Code is Better Code) might just touch on a few of these points...

Good to see that the topic being highlighted!

- Mark

Thu Feb 05, 09:02:00 PM EST  

Blogger Mark Williams said....

Bollocks. That is what I get for trying to post a comment using a "SmartPhone" from EPCOT...

"Good to see the topic being highlighted" that should be (extraneous "that" in there)...

Thu Feb 05, 09:04:00 PM EST  


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