Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hey, they stole my line!

I've been known to say from time to time "my car won't start, why not?" (followed many times by a "I've given you as much information as you gave me regarding your problem so now we are even")

Well, these guys stole my story!!!

Very funny blog most of the time - I can feel their pain.



Anonymous David Aldridge said....

It's Friday, it's nearly Christmas, I have imminent work deadlines, and a 25 table query to tune with multiple inline views and analytic functions outerjoined together with ANSI syntax ... and you're handing out links to a site that aggregates hundreds of stories about stupid customers?

Let me just say that you are not helping my productivity one tiny little bit.

Fri Dec 12, 07:45:00 AM EST  

Blogger Rahul said....


>>outerjoined together with ANSI syntax


Fri Dec 12, 03:45:00 PM EST  

Blogger Estergios Artigas said....

Well... a little bit of procrastination was never harmful... :rollingeyes:

Wed Dec 17, 12:09:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Matt said....

Hey David,

Don't forget Toms mantra, if you can do it in a single SQL statement!

Merry Xmas guys.

Wed Dec 17, 03:53:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hi Tom

Totally of topic but just a quick note of thanks for your superb talk "The Best Way" at the UKOUG.

If there a "Best Way" where I can download your slides from this presentation?

Kind Regards


Fri Dec 19, 07:16:00 AM EST  

Blogger Stew Ashton said....

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sat Dec 20, 08:00:00 AM EST  

Blogger Stew Ashton said....

Anonymous / Ian,

When Tom posts slides from presentations, they show up here :

Sat Dec 20, 08:02:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Thanks for that Stew.

Sun Dec 21, 10:28:00 AM EST  

Blogger Aman Sharma said....

Hi sir,
Wish you a very happy , prosperous 2009.With best wishes, happy new year!

Tue Dec 30, 02:55:00 PM EST  


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