Saturday, December 08, 2007

Well, this certainly has potential...

Alberto Dell'Era sent me an email pointing out an interesting blog entry on a new blog - the "Inside the Oracle Optimizer" blog.

The first technical article there is about the new "Intelligent Cursor Sharing" feature in Oracle Database 11g Release 1.  I wrote about this very briefly in an upcoming Oracle Magazine article - but this post is chock full of details - very clear.

I liked the first entry they posted describing what this blog will be about:

This blog will be our groups opportunity to set the record straight on the Oracle Cost Based Optimizer, and the statistics that feed it. It will also give you the opportunity to post questions and have them answered by the team.

So, it sounds like it is going to be monitored by people from the optimizer group itself.  I've added it to my list of RSS feeds for sure.

Definitely something to check out!



Blogger Periyasamy said....

Like Google reader, oracle has to enhance the blog listing, not only just by listing the blogs, also the listing lastest blog posts as well as lastest comments to the blog posts.

If then, we can just that web page to know the lastest postings on various blogs. Now everybody spending time in collecting RSS feeds to read the latest posts in a single place.

Sun Dec 09, 02:53:00 AM EST  

Blogger Periyasamy said....

Something like

Sun Dec 09, 03:53:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

In the UK we are blessed with an organization called The Plain English Campaign. I think they'd prefer "Intelligent Cursor Sharing" to be more aptly and meaningfully named "A bug fix"!

Mon Dec 10, 03:08:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Dave said....

Thanks Alberto (and Tom) for pointing this out. Very useful.

Mon Dec 10, 06:04:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Robert said....

Right now I'm curious & wondering why the blog is not hosted on instead

Anyone got an idea ?

Mon Dec 10, 09:50:00 PM EST  


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