Wednesday, May 02, 2007


One terabyte.

For under $300 USD. 


Yes, I have my preorder in...



Blogger Don said....

Sweet sassy molassy.

This might even take priority over my quest for a Nintendo Wii!

Thu May 03, 12:35:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Noons said....


Thu May 03, 01:08:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Sidhu said....

WOW !!!

Thu May 03, 01:27:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Raymond said....

Look at this baby, a bit more expensive, but eSata too

Thu May 03, 02:29:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Raymond said....

The url got chopped

Thu May 03, 02:31:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Kim Berg Hansen said....

I got it about 1½ months ago :-)

It's good, but unfortunately it was more expensive here in Denmark - about 500 US$ :-(

(But my company sponsored it, so that's OK :-)

Word: mxalsscu
Hmmm... how did blogger know I work with XAL?

Thu May 03, 02:56:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Jocelyn from Quebec, Canada said....

I'd rather shop for the drive and case separately.

My next case will be: USB, eSata, Fireware and NAS supporting Gigabit Ethernet pls. As soon as I can find one....

Thu May 03, 05:18:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous RobH said....

wow, a TB, thats a lot of pr0n.

FYI, unless you need a TB a Wii is much more fun!!!

Thu May 03, 07:54:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Richard said....

So how do you go about backing up a 1TB drive on your home system? Do you really have that much information you don't mind losing?

Thu May 03, 08:00:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Already have a Wii :)

And the 1TB drive is for backup... Not primary storage :)

Thu May 03, 08:11:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Connor said....

For me, I prefer the other Lacie product:

The same 1TB but you can choose mirrored, concat or jbod...very nice indeed


Thu May 03, 09:09:00 AM EDT  

Blogger MWrynn said....

Wow, the device Connor posted is a nice deal, too -


Thu May 03, 09:18:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Don said....

RobH: I think we (and Canadian customs) can be assured that Tom doesn't need that much storage for his hard-core.

Thu May 03, 09:22:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous K4GDW said....

Wicked cool...

Thu May 03, 09:25:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

I like the extended warranty provisions.

"Carry in service only."

But the store is in New York...

"Shipping and Handling Charges
Shipping Method
UPS Ground
$0.31 ($6.95 minimum shipping charge per order)

UPS Second Day
UPS Next Day
UPS Saturday

If you are adding this item to an existing cart, then this item will only cost an additional $0.31 per item to ship regardless of shipping method.

The rates above are valid for the Contiguous US States only. For orders to other locations, the shipping charge will display during the order process.

Shipping or Dimension weight in pounds: 0.06"

Thu May 03, 09:32:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Connor said....

My link got munched, but its the "Lacie Two Big" product. 2x500g drives in a single unit, which you can mirror, concat or just leave as two disks

Thu May 03, 09:49:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Greg said....

Hey Tom - the Office Depot across Reston Parkway from your office has the drive for $369 now.. .. no waiting! :-)

Thu May 03, 01:44:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Jeremy said....

I was just looking for a new HD for backups too. I just ordered it. In fact I found one for $12 less here:

On a related note they asked for my phone number at checkout. And then they actually called - less than three hours later - to ask if I could use any other hardware! I'd given a personal "business" number that just takes messages and puts them into my email... too bad I couldn't talk to them and tell them that "we do not use computers".

Thu May 03, 02:00:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Guy said....


Got a couple at work to use as "third tier backup" medium.

These drives can get surprisingly hot, and if they do they can have a high failure rate. So don't stash them them at the back of a cupboard / drawer or other enclosed spaces. We put one on top of a racked server, and the rack is quite full.

Door got closed and not enough airflow and it did get very hot to the touch and had been found to have failed.

USB2.0 can be slow and eat a lot of CPU when transferring large files.

So, not a replacement for a good SAN, but OK as a "need somewhere to keep it" store.

Fri May 04, 10:07:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I've started to backup my high-definition movies (*not* pron I might add!) onto my hard drive.
At about 20GB per movie, 1TB is already looking kinda small !!

Tue May 08, 10:47:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Jmv said....


Buyer beware!
Check the following statement in the add:
"Up to 1TB storage "

They may mean, you populate the enclosure, which is capable of holding up to 1TB of storage, with your hard drives.


Thu May 10, 08:03:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

We are using an ethernet external device to store our virtual machines on. It performes poor when you have more than two or three parallel write access on it.
Better use internal harddisks if you want to have speed. They are much(!) faster.

Sun May 13, 11:42:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Robert said....

you give me 1 TB and I have no idea what to do with it.

Mon May 21, 11:51:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hi Robert,

What to do with 1TB at home?
=>set up a home-RAC-environment.

By the way,could this 1TB be used in RAC environment may be with OpenFiler in a NAS configuration?



Fri Jun 22, 07:09:00 AM EDT  

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