Friday, March 02, 2007

This could be seriously cool...

In the year 2000, I bought 2- 21" (1600x1200) monitors with my advance from the book Expert One on One Oracle.  I have one at home and one at work that I use still.  They cost me - as much as this monster does today.

That is so my next monitor.  Can  you imagine?  They have a little box that plugs into the PCMCIA slot on your laptop (I only use a laptop) and with that and the video out of the laptop itself, you can actually drive a beast like that.

I might never leave my office again :)



Blogger Hae said....

What an amazing display! I wish I were an Oracle DBA / developer; I'd so get one with money to spare. Very cool!

Fri Mar 02, 01:19:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

That is a very cool setup. I want one!!!

Coincidentally, I was provided 2-20" LCD's at work recently. Having two monitors allows for much better productivity while doing DBA work. I can't even imagine 5. Next task is to get multi-displays going at home in my office.

Have a nice weekend Tom.

Dave C

Fri Mar 02, 02:15:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Guy said....

set linesize 5000

Fri Mar 02, 04:11:00 PM EST  

Blogger Örjan Bernt Lundberg said....

Your productivity would go through the roof.

But I guess you have to get a expensive graphics card too?

Fri Mar 02, 04:17:00 PM EST  

Anonymous AndyC said....

I saw this video of Jeff Han working a large multi-touch display and was just blown away. The freedom to break away from a keyboard and mouse and virtually manipulate objects was amazing.

It would be great to visually snap together code just like Lego bricks.


Fri Mar 02, 04:18:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Boy I bet Jeff Han buys Glass-Plus by the case!

Fri Mar 02, 10:58:00 PM EST  

Blogger OracleDoc said....

For some reason I'm liking these better :)


Sun Mar 04, 04:25:00 AM EST  

Blogger OracleDoc said....

Hmm, don't understand why the url didn't take...
but anyway go on over to and scope thier monitors out. You'll be impressed :)

Sun Mar 04, 04:29:00 AM EST  

Blogger Noons said....

my current monitor at work:
great place to put my photos!
Mind you: most of the time I'm lost on what to put on it...

Sun Mar 04, 07:49:00 PM EST  

Blogger Abhijeet said....

Check out Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go GXM ( Graphics Expansion Module ) boxes.
These are small palm sized external boxes for driving multiple monitors (2 or 3 - widescreen too ).

Sun Mar 04, 09:15:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

in case you are wondering. ACER has a 24 inch flat screen for $600 on tigerdirect.

The prices are dropping radically now that Dell came out with the 30 inch flat screens.

Mon Mar 05, 09:37:00 AM EST  

Blogger Connor McDonald said....

tough part is folding it into your laptop bag....

Mon Mar 05, 04:37:00 PM EST  


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