Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Long live the command line...

My friend Alberto Dell'Era sent me this very interesting link.  I never thought of it that way - but it is so true.  Google is the new command line!  We've come full circle back to typing commands in to get things done.

I use "define:" in Google all of the time - as well as "site:" to search this blog.  In a way, the search engine interface is the command line of the 21st century.  Sweet :)



Anonymous RobH said....

I love define and site too, but I also love the Stock quotes and math functions (I live in canada, need to understand mpg vs l/100km).

Tue Feb 13, 03:48:00 PM EST  

Blogger Sidhu said....

Yea define & site are really wonderful...also many other things in Google...like in India we use kg for weights and I want to see 2 lbs is how much in kg ? just write "2 lbs in kg" and it will return the result.

Command line ROCKS !


Tue Feb 13, 11:44:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

When I started using Oracle a few years ago I wouldn't touch the command line, I thought my GUI was far superior. After many incidents of it doing strange things while running sql and crashing three times a day now I only use them to format my code (sometimes).

I even found a huge bug in how their debugger executes pl/sql blocks, so I sent the company a note. They blamed my version of Oracle after I sent them a snippet of it working correctly in sqlplus (same version of course).

Wed Feb 14, 11:01:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

-site can be handy as well to exclude those web sites that you really don't want to visit.

Wed Feb 14, 07:06:00 PM EST  

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Wed Feb 14, 10:22:00 PM EST  

Blogger Rich said....

Great posting Tom: I wrote a "long winded" blog entry sometime ago calling it "Browser Shortcuts".

Thu Feb 15, 08:35:00 AM EST  

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Blogger Abhishek Ghose said....

I have post here on the return of the command line too:


---Abhishek Ghose

Mon Feb 26, 05:35:00 PM EST  

Blogger Nuke said....

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