Friday, December 29, 2006

This is a brilliant idea...

Tell a lie.

What a cool idea for a class like that.  I liked it a lot.



Blogger Rachel said....

I REALLY like that idea. Forces the students to pay attention, forces them to review their notes and, most importantly, forces them to challenge what they are told, instead of arbitrarily accepting everything the teacher said "because he is the teacher"

I think, when/if I ever teach, I'll incorporate that idea

Fri Dec 29, 09:32:00 AM EST  

Blogger jan van mourik said....

The Michael Crichton quote at the end is interesting too. Ouch! And that's from 1996! Somehow it made me think about 9/11 - war on terror - Iraq...

Fri Dec 29, 09:58:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Nice, when are you going to implement this in 'Ask Tom' ?

Happy 2007

Rob Zijlstra

Fri Dec 29, 10:58:00 AM EST  

Blogger Roderick said....

Hmm.. maybe I should preface all my presentations and e-mails that way. Given enough time, I'll probably unintentionally lie anyway just by forgetting to mention an important caveat or otherwise misspeaking.

I already assume attendees know when I'm guessing when I start a sentence with "I don't know... but" followed by furious hand-waving and use of the words "maybe" and "probably" about 10 times before ending my thought. [Note: Those words already appear 4 times in this comment] Hopefully that is a cue to students / readers that they would have to research the full answer themselves.

Now I know what to do when I am confident but wrong.

Anyway, have a happy 2,007 - aka The year "Casino Royale" should have been released.

Fri Dec 29, 06:47:00 PM EST  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

I hate being forced to do anything.

This sort of fun intellectual challenge can be good when used in extreme moderation, but if every teacher in every class used it, it would quickly become no fun. Like humor or surprise, a teacher with no gift for using the technique correctly would be better off not using it at all. Any time you try to artificially enhance student motivation you run the risk of rubbing certain motivations the wrong way, because you can't predict what intrinsic motivations and learning techniques students have.

But hey, where it works, fine. I'm just having trouble with it being a meme turning into a fad, thence to tradition and cruelty, like the Socratic method in bad movies about boy's schools.

word: zxuhdddp

Sat Dec 30, 03:37:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Paul said....

Tom - great link.

Happy new year!

Sun Dec 31, 11:22:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

This reminds me of some fibbing that was used in the excellent Virgin Encyclopaedia of Jazz. IIRC the forward of this reference work includes a piece explaining about the inclusion of some very specific, unique and verifiable untruths that the authors had included. It might seem odd to include misinformation in an encyclopaedia but the reason was to discourage and/or prosecute plagiarists. Similar to the tutorial lie the result of this sanctioned fib is that the reader is encouraged to be more attentive. I can think of Code Monkey situations where this approach would be useful too...


Wed Jan 03, 04:49:00 AM EST  

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