Sunday, November 12, 2006

While Driving...

Saw this license plate,  brilliant.  I asked Megs, my 11 year old daughter what she thought it meant.  She did not get it:

XX3 & XY1

do you?  Just perfect.  She did get it when I said one word though...  Any guesses as to the word?



Anonymous Mette said....

What about "3 womean and a man" ?

Sun Nov 12, 04:11:00 PM EST  

Blogger SeanMacGC said....

Was that word gender/sex?

Sun Nov 12, 04:12:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I guess the word is "people".

Sun Nov 12, 04:44:00 PM EST  

Blogger DaPi said....


Sun Nov 12, 05:24:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

3 girls and 1 boy maybe, as in their kids?


Sun Nov 12, 05:44:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

My guess as to the word: "gross".


Sun Nov 12, 05:54:00 PM EST  

Blogger SeanMacGC said....

Or perhaps 'ménage à quatre'! ;o)

Sun Nov 12, 06:21:00 PM EST  

Anonymous neil said....

single word? I'm going with quadruplets

Sun Nov 12, 10:55:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Does 3 means "free" and 1 means "won"?

Sun Nov 12, 11:21:00 PM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

DaPi wins - it was indeed chromosome!

Mon Nov 13, 01:58:00 AM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I should have mentioned, the license plate was on a mini-van, it was indeed "3 girls and a boy"

Mon Nov 13, 01:58:00 AM EST  

Blogger Roderick said....

Just to tie a couple of your recent posts together, I spotted this license plate on the road a few days ago.

Mon Nov 13, 02:16:00 AM EST  

Anonymous jGaL said....

Roderick, just wait till you see my plates :)

Tom : I wouldn't have guessed that, either :-)

Mon Nov 13, 04:09:00 AM EST  

Blogger Liquid_Force said....

just keep it simple :):)

Mon Nov 13, 05:22:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

You reminded me something that i read earlier today here:

Mon Nov 13, 05:58:00 AM EST  

Blogger jimk said....

The best license plate I saw was on a high powered sports car. "Cat Nip"

It got by the censors.

Mon Nov 13, 08:57:00 AM EST  

Blogger Ntwiga said....

I saw this plate about 4 months ago.

Mon Nov 13, 09:25:00 AM EST  

Blogger Nigel said....

My favourite, seen outside Oracle's then HQ at Belmont (1989 or so) - on a white VW as I recall:


I do have a photo somewhere (very much offline...)

Mon Nov 13, 09:33:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

anyone ever see techie license plates? I have seen

unix & c
unix guy

Mon Nov 13, 10:14:00 AM EST  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

Guess what kind of car has the Microsoft ticker symbol? LOL!

Anybody we know? (scroll down past the links...)


I see lots around here in southern California. Some guy in a Mercedes SL has QUEST.

Mon Nov 13, 01:54:00 PM EST  

Blogger Alberto Dell'Era said....

The only license plate Tom may have is


Mon Nov 13, 03:22:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I used to work with a guy with the license plate "4XY 2XX". He and his wife had 3 boys and a girl. Look for it if you're near Charlottesville.

He was an Oracle db developer, by the way.

Mon Nov 13, 04:06:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Tom would prefer ANALYTICALROCK

Tue Nov 14, 12:50:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

my boss used to have a plate M5 DOS (Old UK plate) but people used to scratch his BMW so he changed it.

Tue Nov 14, 06:28:00 AM EST  

Blogger Logan said....

A certain Oracle support guy I know has a plate that reads "ORA 600"... :)

Tue Nov 14, 09:17:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I read this once, but I'm not sure if it's true:

The license plate is 'ML8 ML8'; what color is the car?

Verification word: qprxl - is that a vanity plate?

Tue Nov 14, 11:08:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Cosmic Charlie said....

ML8 ML8 = white Rabbit (Volkswagen)

Tue Nov 14, 01:50:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Cosmic Charlie said....

ML8 ML8 = white Rabbit (VW)

Tue Nov 14, 01:54:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Gary S said....

Anonymous said:

The license plate is 'ML8 ML8'; what color is the car?

White? And was it also a product of a German automobile commonly identified by two letters that occur concurrently in the alphabet?

Tue Nov 14, 01:56:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Yes, the car is a white Volkswagen Rabbit.

Tue Nov 14, 09:33:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....


A white rabbit? I didn't get it. So I asked Alice -- I think she knew ....

Bob Shepard

Wed Nov 15, 10:53:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

How about " C6C5C8 " ? That should age some of you!

Wed Nov 15, 12:17:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I live in Omaha, NE and our license plates start with "O" and are 3 letters and 3 needless to say I'm searching for the ORA 600 license plate. I've seen tons in the 600's but not the holy grail of Oracle messages.

Wed Nov 15, 01:33:00 PM EST  

Anonymous jl said....


Thu Nov 16, 08:36:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Along the same lines as FE XY

Fri Nov 17, 03:53:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

How in the world did they get subscripts past VA DMV?

Sat Nov 18, 12:37:00 AM EST  


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