Saturday, November 18, 2006

Week in review...

Was a busy week.  Started Sunday night flying across the ocean to Birmingham England to participate in part of the UKOUG.  I got to do a keynote Tuesday morning (felt very tired at 9:30am on stage) and a pair of technical sessions - one on Tuesday night and one Wednesday afternoon.  As always - a good show.

On Tuesday night I was talking with one of the UKOUG organizers and she was describing the stress she goes through year after year to pull it off.  I can only imagine everything they have to remember.  It was funny - because she told me a story about a dream she had - which explained an email I got from her.  All of the other keynote speakers have historically wanted to have a rehearsal - I never have (and never will).  She sent me an email a couple of days before the conference:

Please note your keynote will take place in Hall 1.
You will need to be on-site by 8:45am to get to Hall 1 before 9am to be
in place before the open the doors for the delegates.
Will you require a rehearsal?

I made fun of the rehearsal comment in my reply:

rehearsal?  That would just ruin the surprise for me regarding what I'll be saying :)   No need.

So, it was nice of her to ask - but not necessary.  Turns out the reason she asked - she had a dream where I was yelling at her for not scheduling my rehearsal.  Now that, that is stress - when your dreams start telling you what emails you need to send :)  Not that I would yell at anyone that like...  I just got a kick out of hearing that. 

On Wednesday night I flew over to Copenhagen Denmark for a two day seminar on Thursday and Friday.  Those are just tiring (another one coming up this Monday and Tuesday in Rome).  8 hours of doing stuff.  But I still think the attendees have the hardest job - they have to stay awake! (well, they try hard to anyway).  But even though they are tiring and take a lot of work to deliver - they are one of the more fun parts of my job, something I really enjoy doing.

Friday night - one of the guys from Miracle in Denmark took me out for a nice dinner.  Afterwards, we joined Mogens for a couple of beers and whiskeys at a local bar.  Stayed out way way way too late (I got to sleep for an entire 2 1/2 hours before having to get up to catch my flight Saturday morning).  Fortunately, got to sleep on the 2 1/2 flight from Copenhagen to Rome Italy, which is where I am now...

Long week.



Anonymous Kevin Closson said....

You got help up late with Mogens? Oh what a surprise :-) He is the only guy I know that doesn't sleep.

Mon Nov 20, 06:11:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

for a couple of beers and whiskeys at a local bar

Tom, Will you have beers / Whishkeys? I didn't expect that from you...

Wed May 26, 09:08:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....


why not? I'm basically a human being, not a machine or anything.

Wed May 26, 09:18:00 AM EDT  


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