Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good Advice...

I liked this post.

I'm usually that way (the 90% 'calm' and ok). It was nice to see it spelled out though.



Blogger Hae-Kwang said....

Thank you for posting! Good link with good timing! I need to start looking for a job as the one I presently have will be no more at the end of this month. I haven't stressed over or worried about it much yet, but after reading the link, it makes much more sense to not bother fretting about it. Hopefully, it will work out. Thanks again!

Thu Nov 30, 10:17:00 PM EST  

Blogger Stephen Booth said....

That post troubled me until I noticed it was on a humour site.


Fri Dec 01, 03:15:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Leo Mannhart said....


Your Access was denied because the requested URL is part of the blocked category "Swimwear/Lingerie/Nudity, Entertainment/Motion Picture, Humor/Comic"

must be a well known site ;-)

Fri Dec 01, 03:40:00 AM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

That post troubled me until I noticed it was on a humour site.

Not sure I'm following you - why did it trouble you.

I took it literally. It is good advice.

It is all about how you react - not necessarily what happened - that dictates the outcome.

I've written about that before with regards to travel - and the logic put forth in that posting definitely works well.

Fri Dec 01, 04:43:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Martin said....

Leo Mannhart said....

The filter at my site blocks it because off 'tasteless contents' :-)

Fri Dec 01, 10:03:00 AM EST  

Blogger Sidhu said....

Thanks Tom...

real good content which we can apply in our daily life...

Fri Dec 01, 12:10:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Kavitha said....

Thanks Tom

Real good Food for thought !

Fri Dec 01, 12:17:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Naresh said....

"leo mannhart said

What is LOL - I see it often.

About the link - its a simple message that is hard to achieve -> simple does not imply easy (well, not always:).

Sat Dec 02, 01:16:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

>> I'm usually that way (the 90% 'calm' and
>> ok).

And that's amazingly hard to do with the type of drivers on the road in Northern VA !!

Sat Dec 02, 01:52:00 AM EST  

Blogger Stephen Booth said....

Not sure I'm following you - why did it trouble you.

I have very frequently heard similar material rolled out by managers at work (IT department of a large UK public sector organisation) as a method of passing the buck for failures. For example accusing a member of staff of having an attitude problem, failing to put in the effort &c when the problem was excessive workload or lack of support/training (where the work has been something the member of staff did not have the requisite knowledge and skills, and had no realistic hope of gaining such in the time allowed) combined with the manager failing to heed requests for a reduction in workload, training or support.

For example a manager was getting chewed out for late delivery on a project and chose to try to pass the blame onto me saying that I hadn't given the work priority and had gone off on leave at a key stage. Fortunately I was within earshot so was able to interrupt and point out that I hadn't been told of the tasks until the deadline had already passed (and had emailed him at the time to inform him of that) and that looking at the clocking system records for that period (one of the few times I've been glad I still have the punch the clock) showed that not only had I not taken any leave at the time he said I had but had infact pulled a week of 18+ hour days to get the work done.

I gather from friends at other employers that such situations (and such managers) are not that uncommon.

Seeing that that site was a humour site I figured that it was intended to be a satire of such managers.

Sat Dec 02, 05:57:00 PM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I have very frequently heard similar material rolled out by managers at work

But it is not a method for passing the buck.

To me - they were words to live by, not place blame with.

How you react to something is the largest determining factor as to how it will eventually turn out.

Sat Dec 02, 06:51:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Gabe said....

Sure, it is in fact good advice but …

Somehow I find this kind of life recipes a tad simplistic. For any driver cut off in traffic there is another one doing the cutting off … and his/her action likely falls into the 90% part, the under-our-control part. Hence, using the 10/90 principle may also be a manifestation of the look after #1 attitude.

Keeping cool may in fact be just cold indifference.

Sat Dec 02, 11:27:00 PM EST  

Anonymous mlot said....

Naresh said....
What is LOL - I see it often.

LOL !!!

Sun Dec 03, 03:42:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Rosemary Arnold said....

LOL means "Laugh Out Loud." I also enjoyed the 90/10 principle. However it is very difficult to never let little things get to you. Keep these sites coming :)

Wed Dec 20, 09:39:00 PM EST  


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