Thursday, October 12, 2006

What it looks like from the other side...

Normally, I would post a photo like this:


That is, me taking a picture of "them".  This is what is looks from the other side:

A bunch

From left to right:

  • Graham Wood
  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Anjo Kolk
  • James Morle
  • Mogens Norgaard
  • Cary Millsap
  • Tom Kyte

As I spied Hans Driessen snapping photos of us, I snapped one of him... He sent it along last night to let me see what it looked like.

Looks like we all work in retail given the pile of T-shirts in front of us :)



Anonymous Scot said....

Speaking of Graham Wood, he is giving a session at OOW 2006 on ASH that looks excellent, especially given his input into the feature. Problem is, there are 3 other sessions that I'd also like to attend going on at the same exact time.

I especially want to go to the Times Ten session at that time, because I don't know much anything about the topic, and the description sounds like it will be technical and full of details, not just a sales pitch.

I'm finding I have this problem at lots of time slots. Tons of good looking sessions. This is my first trip to OOW. Do you have any general articles or thoughts or advice for people in my situation?

Thu Oct 12, 12:28:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Roger said....

Looks like he has a better camera than you do (low light performance). Perhaps you need a Fuji F30?

Thu Oct 12, 01:54:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Patty C. said....

You could have made a contest out of this - who can name the people in this photo, extra points for knowing their 'claim to fame' in the Oracle world!

Thu Oct 12, 02:43:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Scot said....

Did he use a flash, or was there more light in the front of the room where the table was?

Actually it might be kinda funny to sit behind a table and every so often pull out the flash camera and take pictures of the people in line, just to demonstrate what it is like with flashes going off.

That is a good idea Patty.

Thu Oct 12, 02:59:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

For Scot above,

Use Flashback ;-)

Thu Oct 12, 03:05:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Noons said....

Looks like there were a few copies of OI-TOTOT floating around!
Great book, that one. Funny, too.

Thu Oct 12, 08:24:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

or was there more light in the front of the room where the table was?

we were definitely in the well lit part of the room - by windows and flood lights.

they were not... My flash is not strong enough for that big of a space for sure.

Thu Oct 12, 09:42:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

wow that's what I call the "Dream Team Oracle" !

Thu Oct 12, 11:54:00 PM EDT  

Blogger medugorje said....


Sun Oct 15, 01:57:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

why not?

Sun Oct 15, 03:49:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Hans Driessen said....

For the record..., I just used a standard Fuji S9500 (great camera by the way), and no flash. Wouldn't like to give the line-up a headache at the end of the DBForum. Thankfully enough the camera has covered my face.... :)

Mon Oct 16, 06:10:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Paul said....

Tom - purely for security reasons, please make sure that you don't get all the Oracle 'stars' together in the same place at one again. What would we all do if a bomb went off where you were, or you caught a life threatening bug? It's just not worth the risk...

Mon Oct 16, 02:53:00 PM EDT  


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