Sunday, October 29, 2006


Or as he is likely to say in his talks "cunning".  Jonathan Lewis finally gets with the program.

I must now go about finding a true blogroll site to manage my subscriptions - too many to update anymore.



Anonymous Kirtan Desai said....

I was about to send message to everyone about it and found your note. I just posted the news on my blog. I guess news like this spreads faster than I can imagine.

Sun Oct 29, 08:24:00 PM EST  

Blogger Don Seiler said....

I use Google Reader to manage all of my blog reading, and haven't looked back.

You can even make a public feed of your subscriptions.

Sun Oct 29, 09:15:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Resistance is Futile

Mon Oct 30, 09:27:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Kirtan Desai said....

I tried the google seems to be pretty good...i am trying to figure out if there is a direct way to have this updates sent to my email.

Mon Oct 30, 10:06:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Jonathan Lewis said....

I think I've just observed the Tom Kyte effect. 2,500 page views in the first 18 hours after my blog went public.

According to the Blogstats about 80% referrer = Tom Kyte, 15% referrer= Mark Rittman (who picked up a ping-back to his site).

Mon Oct 30, 03:03:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Kirtan Desai said....

Ask Dimitri about the 'Tom Kyte' effect. He got some crazy numbers for his worldcup 2006 app.

Mon Oct 30, 04:48:00 PM EST  


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