Saturday, September 30, 2006

dbforum 2006, day 2

Day 2 is at an end - and that is probably a good thing :)  It ended with a splash - literally, at the Lalandia water park (a water slide, indoors, some 3 or 4 stories up was just one of the features).  Well, actually I guess it ended at about 2:30am as Thomas Presslie from Scotland decided then to break out the bagpipes and serenade us with some music.

The day was filled with technical talks of course, here is Jonathan Lewis getting setup to do the "Optimizer Worst Practices" talk in the track I organized:

Jonathan setting up

 After the many sessions, it was time for the "Gala Dinner".  The food we pretty good - a little lobster to start and beef/pork freshly carved for the main courses.  No one complained much about the food:

The dinner begins

 Even Cary Millsap approved:

Cary Approves

 After dinner, Mogens got us ready to watch the "Miracle Abba" performance.  It was looking to be a good show.  Much work (and even some practice) went into the production.  And a production it was:

Miracles own

Everyone was looking forward to the festivities, Doug Burns was ready with camera:

Doug is ready for the show to begin

(you will need to remember how chipper Doug appears here, this look will be short lived for him).  Anyway, Mogens put a lot of effort into this show - having a playbill produced and all (I think he just likes to see his picture on things myself)

The Miracle Abba show

The show went on (I shall try to upload some video of it later in another entry... the files are large).  Everyone enjoyed it:

Cary and James Appreciating the Abba

After the show we had some time before the water park event.  Jonathan Lewis attempted a little "bagpiping".  It met with mixed results.  You can see some very short video below as well:

Jonathan on bagpipes

But now, it is off to the first session (yes, yes - I know, "but it is Saturday".  Well apparently they do sessions on Saturdays here in Denmark, go figure).  Back home tomorrow, it'll be nice to be back.  Besides, I have only one clean shirt and such left.. 

Oh yeah, remember I said to remember how chipper Doug was looking - well, he wasn't this morning when I left the cottage.  He may have been first to bed the night before last, but last night - I've a feeling he out lived everyone else - it is Saturday but he is still in his Friday clothes.  We'll see what he looks like at his presentation this morning - right after my presentation.

Doug in in the morning


Now for some short videos - Jonathan Lewis attempting to play the bagpipes:

he did a little better the second time around:

but not much :)



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