Friday, August 11, 2006

About one year ago...

About one year ago, I was lamenting the problems we lefties have. Well, I take it all back. I’m a lefty and sticking with it. Apparently, being left handed (and a guy) has the effect of boosting the paycheck.

About time I get paid back for being left handed… I think I'll print this one and keep it in my wallet :)


Blogger shrek said....

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Fri Aug 11, 10:30:00 AM EDT  

Blogger shrek said....

wonder if i can learn to be left handed?;-)

Fri Aug 11, 10:30:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I was thinking of talking to my boss for a raise being a leftie myself..I am not so sure now:)

Fri Aug 11, 10:47:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

boosting the paycheck

Of course! As has often been observed: "If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handed people are in their right minds!"

But what about those of us who are ambidextrous?

Bob Shepard

Fri Aug 11, 10:59:00 AM EDT  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

Another pernicious effect of Affirmative Action gone mad, I'd say! What's the use of me being in the majority if I can't do a little persecution now and then?

The world has gone mad.

(Note to self: duct tape right arms of kids behind their backs immediately).

Fri Aug 11, 02:29:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Beth said....

No fair! As a left-handed woman I want the same payment preference the leftie guys get. Time to organize a protest.... ;-)

Sat Aug 12, 09:20:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

The extraordinary life of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison
I would personally like to see you as the successor Tom. Now that would certainly "boost your paycheck", wouldn't it? ;-)

Sun Aug 13, 09:30:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Noons said....

quite frankly, I wouldn't wish Larry's succession on anyone...

Mon Aug 14, 03:01:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Patty C. said....

Sign me up Beth! I too am a left-handed female DBA and so far I haven't seen that boosted paycheck come home from my left-handed husband. :) And David, I don't think the duct tape will work. All of my children are right-handed, even with all of the left-handed influence in our house!

Mon Aug 14, 08:28:00 AM EDT  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

I was going to post something about how left-handed females should just count themselves lucky that they're even allowed to work in such a testosterone-enfused field as Oracle database administration without complaining about lack of pay advantages, but I couldn't think of how to fit in enough "I'm only joking!" caveats to make it clear that I'm only joking.

I think I'll shut-up now, about two paragraphs too late.

Mon Aug 14, 12:32:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous John Spencer said....

Patty and Beth:

I saw an expanded version of that story in my local paper. One of the comments in the longer article was that the effect is not there for women. Sorry :-(

As a lefty myself, I find a lot of my right handed friends make more than me, so I'm not sure it kicks in all the time anyway.

Mon Aug 14, 05:20:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Ach said....

Sorry Tom for this off topic but I really want to know your opinion on this. Maybe this is some useful stuff for your future blog posts too ;)
I point you to a rather brief intro to "Java Content Repository" concept and please let us know your ideas about it...
Catch Jackrabbit and the Java Content Repository API

Tue Aug 15, 02:43:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I don't hate it (jackrabbit)

Read that conclusion! I see a ray of hope.

"Perhaps the biggest benefit of the JCR API is that it doesn't try to persist Java objects, and cares little about an application's object model. Instead, the JCR API focuses entirely on the content, or data, of an application. While this may at first sound like a step backwards, it actually creates a very clean and easy-to-use programming model with a sharp focus on a handful of data management tasks, such as versioning."

A step backwards? Not at all - a huge step back in the right direction is more like it.

I've always liked transactional API's, this is a transactional API. It might use the funky data model as I've termed it - but for content like this, it is likely acceptable.

Tue Aug 15, 05:24:00 AM EDT  


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