Saturday, June 03, 2006

What is up with this...

What is up with this stuff. I suppose it is people trying to trick out google or other search engines.

I find my stuff from asktom screen scraped and included in fictitious “blogs” all of the time. Some of them I sort of “get” what they are doing. They scrape my data (including ‘asktom’ and other keywords) and then create a link to their own stuff. Making it look to search engines like the information is tightly related. Examples:

Others I don’t get at all. They scrape some of the data – but link back to the source? For example

An entire blog about decimal conversion? It doesn’t make sense – if you go to their home page and look at their blogroll – they apparently have a lot of “conversion” blogs. I didn’t understand the purpose of that site at all – it links to nothing but the sources so I don’t see how it would benefit a SEO company (search engine optimizer).

Then there is the last category – they scrape the data – but link back to nothing at all. It is like hitting the end of the internet. Stop – go no further, for example:

Again, I just don’t “get it” – maybe someone out there can enlighten me as to what the point of the last two are.

I understand (and sort of despise) the first category. It is cheating, not entirely honest – trying to always game the search engines. It is disingenuous on two levels – first, the SEO’s claim to be really successful, but I sort of have my doubts. So it could be dishonest to the customer of the SEO. Second – if it does work – it is gaming them system, a system we use and rely on. Makes the stuff we find perhaps be of lesser quality than it should be.

I figured out what is up with the last one that didn't seem to link anywhere. It didn't link anywhere when I was using Firefox with adblock! I tend to check my posts using IE after the fact and when I used IE it become obvious what the reverse phonebook "blog" was doing. People search for reverse - so they blog heavily about reverse and reference lots of other stuff in their text (to broaden the hits I they receive I suppose).