Thursday, June 08, 2006

It appears to have been a success...

It appears to have been a success. Yesterday, I tried a “Viewlet Cam”. In less then 24 hours, it has had 1,000 views. I got some really good feedback on both asktom under the original question and on the blog posting.

Just to address some of them, I’ll copy bits of them here:

I can't wait till you do more of them. I think it would be very helpful if you put a link to the presentation area on the home page.

What I’ll do is set up a page similar to this one linked to from my “tidbits” page on asktom. I’ll keep it up to date over time as I add more of them so there will be one place to go.

I think you have to be very selective or you will be recording presentations for the rest of your life.

If this is going to be used as a supplement to your "written" answer, I like it.

I agree, this will not be a replacement for the written answer. I think Howard J Rogers summed it up nicely:

On the other hand "What is a hash join" is a rather more 'conceptual' issue than 'How do you install Linux?'. One involves ideas and concepts, the other involves click-this-do-that. The ideas issues may well require more vocalised (self)-debate and explanation than the plain didactic 'howto'.

That is what this format would be reserved for – it is not appropriate for all (not even most) questions. That and it takes longer to produce than a quick text answer. I think maybe one or two a week at most.

In email I received this comment:

I felt it would be better for the commute then online - does that software allow for video-podcast style applications?

In response to that, I’ve made the online only viewlet available as a self contained .exe file as well. Not exactly a podcast, but should work for most people.

Additionally, I found that I can use both “low quality graphics” as well as “low quality sound” – this reduced the viewlet image size from 13mb to a more reasonable 1.8mb. I was a bit worried about the additional bandwidth these things could end up consuming, but the 1-2mb size for about 15 minutes of content seems reasonable.

In short, a success. Thanks for the feedback – all of it. Sorry about the one or two people who had a problem with it (yes, you actually need speakers or a headset to hear it), but since it is a value add as opposed to “the main delivery mechanism”, I’m not overly concerned.


Anonymous Patty C. said....

I downloaded the .exe and ran it on my machine this morning and it worked perfectly. Now I can show it from my laptop at my team meeting tomorrow. Thanks Tom!

Thu Jun 08, 08:04:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

A transcription would be nice.

A lot of broadcast tv has alternate languages or scrolling text during mute.

Thu Jun 08, 09:44:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Ken Banyas said....

Well done. I agree with you and some commenters who state that this format is not appropriate for every question.

For concepts it is great. Thanks.

Thu Jun 08, 09:54:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Arun Mathur said....

Thanks! Unless I'm behind the times, I saw an added plus: viewing the video via Firefox. Normally, I have to run IE because a lot of sites use Macromedia Flash.


Thu Jun 08, 09:55:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Alex Gorbachev said....

It was nice. I think you missed the agenda/plan in the beginning. Before I go and dedicate some time to view it all I want to see what's really inside. On the other hand, "whatever Tom says must be good". :)

Thu Jun 08, 10:50:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Chris Grabowy said....

I believe this is known as screencasting...

Tue Jun 13, 11:32:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Evince said....

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mon Dec 15, 12:33:00 PM EST  


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