Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Three funny things...

Three funny things.

First this picture “Why Penguins have short lives” – I’ll just link to it (no bandwidth stealer am I). But if you take a second to peek at it (definitely “safe” to look at), you will get a quick laugh I am sure.

Next up is “A Brief History of the World”. A collection of student bloopers tied together to give you a brief history. It starts with:

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt were called mummies.
They lived in the Sarah Dessert and traveled by Camelot.

And gets funnier from there… Definitely worth a read during some down time.

Lastly is a test that every male should get 100% on, but the females out there might not do so well. It has to do with well known urinal etiquette. The rules are just burned into our brains, the guys out there should just be able to point and click without having to think about it. It is so true. Take the Urinal Etiquette test and see how you do!

Probably the first and last time you’ll see potty humor here – I was just laughing at how true it was.

I was just getting ready to post this… And a fourth item came along. The most unbelievable statement I heard this week:

She said she had to overcome shyness to become a singer.

When you consider the source, that is really quite funny.


Blogger Bill S. said....

She said she had to overcome shyness to become a singer.

When you consider the source, that is really quite funny.

She's a singer ?

*rolls eyes*

Tue May 30, 12:02:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Y9ou learn something new everyday. I didn't know that Moses got the 10 commandments from Mount Cyanide.

Tue May 30, 12:56:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Bill S. said....
She said she had to overcome shyness to become a singer.

When you consider the source, that is really quite funny.

She's a singer ?

*rolls eyes*

Now when it comes to making home movies, she's not shy at all.

Tue May 30, 12:58:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Doug Burns said....

"Lastly is a test that every male should get 100% on, but the females out there might not do so well."

I tried explaining this to a group of women one day and they thought I was making it up! Like you could make that up - it's just *the rules*. Very funny.

I think I preferred the penguin, though ;-)

Tue May 30, 01:24:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Bill S. said....

Doug Burns said....
I think I preferred the penguin, though ;-)

Well, I was looking at that and thinking, "Why is it that the MALE penguin is doing the incredibly stupid thing? And wouldn't that mean that only SMART penguins are survivng?".

No penguins responded to my query, though. So maybe they ARE smart. :-D

Tue May 30, 01:32:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

We don't have to worry until the skinny lady sings... out of the urinal.

So are the rules different in France?

rwarckpl - read/write archives kernel perl?

Tue May 30, 02:21:00 PM EDT  

Blogger sanchapanzo said....

The quote referring to Paris was great fun to read :-)

Tue May 30, 02:45:00 PM EDT  

Blogger James Petts said....

Well, sorry Tom, but I think I can trump the Paris hilton story with this.

Tue May 30, 03:20:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Polar bears are at the top of their food chain. However, they never eat penguins in the wild. Why not?

Tue May 30, 09:55:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Robert said....

Paris is HOT, nuff said...

Tue May 30, 10:35:00 PM EDT  

Blogger jimk said....

She is too skinny and vacouse. I like my women with more substance.

Wed May 31, 10:33:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Ofir Manor said....

I didn't get the urinal test at all. I was wrong most of the time...
Maybe the etiquette in Israel is a bit different (read: Israeli people have no manners (-: ), or maybe it is just me being a bit indifferent about it.
Am I the only male failing it?

Wed May 31, 10:55:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Funny about the penguin.
But...polar bears live in the Arctic and all species of penguins live south of the Equator.

Wed May 31, 10:56:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

What about the 'other' rules.
1. Look straight ahead. I bet all the men know what is the most common brand of flush valve.

2. No talking. I have seen (been part of too) conversations that stop, practically mid sentence, as soon as one steps through the door and start up again exactly in the same place as soon as one steps out the door again.

Wed May 31, 11:15:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Well, I can see I was too late, but just for the record: around 1910 Norwegian explorers released into the North Sea some penguins that they had captured in the Antarctic. They were spotted from time to time over the next 5 years, but as far as is known they never formed a colony or reproduced.

So - the picture is not IMPOSSIBLE for that reason. In fact, maybe that's what happened to them!


Wed May 31, 07:46:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Daniel Fink said....

Regarding penguins...it is well known that the Arctic penguins were quite musical, but with a penchant for practial jokes and an underdeveloped sense of danger. Sadly, this mix, while resulting in some of the hilarity pictured, eventually caused their demise at the hands of polar bears (who are well known for sensitive hearing and intolerance of musically related practical jokes).

As for the 'toilet' humor...why is it that a man will stop talking to another man as they both enter the bathroom...but see nothing wrong with conducting a conversation on a cell phone while on the 'throne'?

Thu Jun 01, 02:55:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

why is it that a man will stop talking

Actually, I've had the opposite experience. I tend not to use them at conferences because people will actually start a conversation there! I just don't know what to say at that point :)

Thu Jun 01, 02:59:00 PM EDT  

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