Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I did not expect that!

I did not expect that. My plate just exploded – literally – while eating. I was having a nice steak sandwich (with real steak, I like Germany) when all of a sudden there is this very loud “crack” and much movement of my plate:
The silver disk in the middle started frying the food immediately (sizzle away). It was quite warm.

A nice surprise in the middle of dinner – no falling asleep while eating here that is for sure. After a long weekend – lots to catch up on so working in the room tonight. Room service seemed like a good idea, until the plate exploded…


Anonymous Paul said....

Tom - I hope that's a bottle of beer in the corner of the picture. They have good beer in Germany, though obviously not the best . That's in Denmark...

Tue May 02, 12:59:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Indeed, that is a bottle of Bitburger Premium Pils ;) Cannot have a steak sandwich and fries without a beer after all.

I like wheat beer, I've had some really good ones while here - the beer is not that bad.

Probably at least as good or better than Denmark.

Tue May 02, 01:05:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Shannon St. Dennis said....

not related to this post, but have you seen this?


I'm thinking i can make my own relational databse in 3 easy steps....

Tue May 02, 01:14:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Josh said....


What a bunch of hokey

Tue May 02, 01:21:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Doug Burns said....

"I was having a nice steak sandwich (with real steak, I like Germany)"

Real steak? As opposed to what?

Tue May 02, 01:47:00 PM EDT  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

I hope that Tom is not "dissing" any steaks he had in Texas ... they're a little sensitive about such things.

Tue May 02, 02:03:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

>As opposed to what?

just maybe...

The funny other paste-based spam-wanna-be meat things the germans seem to like here.

At least that is what i got the last time I ordered meatloaf. That was not meat as best I can tell.

Tue May 02, 02:03:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I ordered a steak sandwich - thinking "thin slices of probably greasy meat sutff like I get in too many fast food style restaurants in the US"

Instead - this was a *real* steak, in a sandwich. Much like I used to get at the beef baron in my home town growing up. It was really pretty good.

And then - the plate exploded :)

Tue May 02, 02:37:00 PM EDT  

Blogger KD said....

"I was having a nice steak sandwich (with real steak, I like Germany)...."
excuse me????
Are you, by any chance, "dissing" the steak that you had in Texas????

Oh no!! oh no no no!!!
if you are , take it back!!!!

thanks for the tip/pointer David.

Tue May 02, 02:46:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Please bear with me. But, I am a little slow. Was the plate supposed to explode in the middle for special effects? You never know about the fancy hotels with fancy dishes like the "dessert on fire" or sizzler dishes served in some Indian restaurants. ;-)

By the way, I am a little curious about your trips and lectures. Do you represent Oracle to attend these lectures and seminars or people invite you for your own expertise? If the latter, then Oracle doesn't care about your trips? Don't you need to finish your "basic work" for Oracle full time job? ;-)

Tue May 02, 03:23:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

the plate was most definitely NOT supposed to explode like that. It was what we in our line of work would have called "a bug".

These seminars have all been with Oracle University in Europe.

Tue May 02, 03:28:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous RobH said....

I had this happen twice, once a plate (fajitas) and once a glass (champange). The glass scared the jebis outa me.

Tue May 02, 05:12:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Lisa said....

You're lucky that the exploding plate did not throw the beer all over your lap.


Tue May 02, 05:48:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Noons said....

that brought back memories, Lisa!...

Tue May 02, 07:32:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Joel Garry said....

That also happened to one of our Mikasa wedding crystal champagne flutes. No longer manufactured, so we wound up getting a complementary color we found on the web.

Tue May 02, 08:45:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Francois said....

I have always thought that you where a sort of robot ;o)
Too much power is concentrated within you.
You can broke anyting with a single compression of your mind.
You are the King, Tom, King Kyte !

Wed May 03, 01:51:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Basil The Wandering Fool said....

Dear Tom,

I couldn't find your email address anywhere (most likely I suspect because of this post here:

Anyway, your photo of the exploding plate is a top item (and one of the only items that actually has to do with the type of exploding plate I'm interested in) when you google for "exploding plate" even more than a year after it happened!

I'm hoping maybe you get these comments emailed to you, and will notice it.

I was wondering if I could ask for your permission to use your exploding plate photo on my new blog/web site www.explodingplate.com - I had a similar experience and didn't take any pictures.

I'd be happy to include you, links to your blog, your flickr, whatever, in the credits for the photo somewhere on my site.

Basil Miller

Sat Nov 10, 01:55:00 PM EST  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Basil - sure link away, no problem there.

Sat Nov 10, 03:13:00 PM EST  


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