Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well, that was fun...

Thanks for playing - the Aprils 1st tongue in cheek blog was fairly successful!

More than twice the average hits for a Saturday:

SQL> select avg("Page Loads"),
2 min("Page Loads"),
3 max("Page Loads")
4 from t
5 where to_char(dt,'dy') = 'sat'
6 and "Page Loads" > 0
7 /

---------------- ---------------- ----------------
958.76 530 2092

the 2,092 was from yesterday.

It was fun - but hopefully no one actually believed it for even a nano-second. That is one thing that would never happen.

(Had my mom fooled for a minute... She instant messaged my wife last night and she "He didn't - did he". Laughing out loud... And gullible has been removed from the dictionary as well.)


Anonymous Rahul said....

Whatever happened to "Never say never" ? ;)

Sun Apr 02, 12:05:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

never say never refers to software.

This is an action I can safely say "will never happen" :)

Sun Apr 02, 12:55:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Christopher Beck said....

Does this mean that is not going live on monday? Drat.

Sun Apr 02, 09:13:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Mark A. Williams said....

Hey Chris,

I say go for it anyway! Just remember the last time there was a "sister" site to asktom...

- Mark

Sun Apr 02, 10:51:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Well, I was not fooled on 1st April - but today I saw on asktom that the last update was from yesterday - so I wondered and came to the blog.

I hope (and I believe) it will never happen.

By the way, asktom seems to be in low-gear these days?

Mon Apr 03, 04:48:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

By the way, asktom seems to be in low-gear these days?

How so?

Mon Apr 03, 07:27:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Abu Sadiq said....

Hello Tom,

I often times read your blog, though you are not new to me - your Oracle Magazine Column is my bi-monthly favourite. However, as you stated in the latest issue that downloading the Oracle Starter edition is as simple as ABC, that wasn't the case on my side. I have been trying to dowload the lot since last week, but could not get thru; either there is a broken link or the entire thing doesn't download. I use the Download Accelerator on my system.

Any help is appreciated pls.

Mon Apr 03, 01:00:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Robert Vollman said....

Ok let me ask the obvious stupid question ...

What's so bad about Microsoft and/or SQL Server that it makes working with it an impossible situation?

Mon Apr 03, 01:28:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous John Ridgway said....

Well, in my opinion MS SQL Server is just not a mature product. Oracle is probably easily 5 years a head of it in basic functionality. Also you have to remember where MS SQL Server came from. It started as a port of Sybase to the Windows platform. Then MS and Sybase got in fight and MS kept their port of the code. I used to support Sybase and still support MS SQL Sever a little. The basic engine has changed very little in the last 10 years. It wasn't until the latest release of 2005 that some of the serious design flaws were even addressed (can we say SQL caching). Even things like RAC are implemented much better in Oracle. From a DBA view, I think SQL Server is a pain to support since a lot of it is suppose to be done through the gui interface and not the command line. GUIs are fine, but I always want the command line to do scripting. Command lines are generally faster too. The argument is always made that SQL Server is cheap, but you get what you pay for. That's my 2 cents.

Mon Apr 03, 06:42:00 PM EDT  

Blogger DaPi said....

"GUIs are fine, but I always want the command line to do scripting"

Agreed. I am incapable of exactly reproducing 91 mouse-clicks on 7 different instances. And I don't want to stay up till 3am to reply "Yes" to a "Are you really sure you want to do this?" message.

Tue Apr 04, 05:39:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Biswajit Roy said....

Thanks, though I didn't believed it actually but for a second I thought about what will happen to ask tom column. And that too MS ? Thanks for saying "Never".

Tue Apr 04, 01:11:00 PM EDT  


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