Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy anniversary...

Happy anniversary

ops$tkyte@ORA10GR2> select to_date( '17-apr-2006')
2 -to_date('17-apr-2005') "Days I've been doing this"
3 from dual
4 /

Days I've been doing this

It is one year ago today that I decided to start this. I distinctly remember the day – I was so looking for anything to do other than write my book – even writing a blog (which is – well – still writing after all) was more appealing at that point.

So, here we are – some 256 posts later. An amazing 4,500 plus comments (amazing to me) later. Here we are.

I thought I would list my favorite entries from the last year. These are my favorites based on content – not comments (but the number of comments on each are about average). In no order (well, ordered by date actually)

It was hard to pick – I was going to do the “top 5” but it just didn’t fit. There are lots of others I will enjoy later – recollections of trips and other things like that, but those are the most “meaningful” ones for me. Entries that say something of general use.

Now for the obligatory statistics. As I write this (Sunday April 16th 2006, I usually do them in advance), I have had a grand total of 897,976 pages loads. This is “low” because I didn’t start tracking hits until the afternoon of the 22nd of April last year and I’ve noticed that every now and then statcounter “doesn’t work”. So, say it is about 900k and that is about right.

Here is a graph of blog hits by day for the last year:
The peak was almost 7,000 in a single day during Oracle Open World in September. The average during the week is somewhere between 2,500 and 3,500 – weekends drop down to 700-1,000.

It has been fun, a different way to interact. It hasn’t taken an enormous amount of time – which likely differs from other bloggers experience. For me – this is the hobby, I’m not researching a problem, providing a solution. Just talking. Asktom – that takes time, this is for fun.

And as long as it is fun, I’ll keep on doing it. Even if no one reads it. That is the point I think, this should be fun – not a task, not a job. I recently took a short hiatus in March where I didn’t post for almost two weeks (except to say “yes, I realize I’m not posting, thanks”). It didn’t bother me that I didn’t post, I wasn’t on a deadline, I didn’t have a schedule or commitment. I just do it when the mood strikes.

And so should you…


Blogger Rjamya said....

Congratulations on completing the year, and here is a toast for many more years to come.

Do you know that reading this and some more blogs every day is turning out to be an addiction, although in a good way?

Enjoy what you do Tom, for that's the greatest satisfaction you can get for the buck. And it is good for us too.


Mon Apr 17, 07:41:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Doug Burns said....

It's been interesting, fun and definitely worthwhile reading something non-technical from you. The posts I've enjoyed most (including some of the above) highlight some of the philosopical foundations of the way you do things. i.e. That there really *aren't* two TK's but a lot of hard work and where your motivation and dedication springs from. That comes out in some asktom answers too, but is more distilled here and the blog is pretty complimentary to your other work.

(If only I had some philosophical foundations, I might stop trying to review books ;0))

Personally, I'm also glad you didn't take the 'debunking' route which I remember was one of your original ideas. It works just fine as is.

Here's to more years.



Mon Apr 17, 09:26:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Jeff Hunter said....

You stole my thunder. Today is my anniversary at my current job and I was going to do a retrospective on how things have changed in the last 6 years....

Mon Apr 17, 09:28:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Wow, it seems like yesterday. Time really flies...This is the only blog I read and it is so refreshing. It is kind of my window to the world of Oracle. Good luck Tom!!

Mon Apr 17, 10:07:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Paul Vallee said....

Congratulations Tom!

You have a unique ability in your writing to communicate not only technical subject matter but also unmistakably become a collaborator on all of our initiatives.

Thank you and keep it up, please!

Paul Vallee

Mon Apr 17, 11:22:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Congratulations from regular reader of Tom's blog.

Mon Apr 17, 11:46:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Teko said....

Congratulations ...

Mon Apr 17, 12:51:00 PM EDT  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

Well youngster, I guess that although you're late to the party you seem to have brought the right beverages ... 900,000 pageloads indeed, good job!

So who's next for an anniversary?

Mon Apr 17, 01:18:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Doug Burns said....


This might be of some assistance

Mon Apr 17, 01:51:00 PM EDT  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

Thanks Doug,

IMHO anyone who started blogging after, say, April 8th 2005 is just a big copycat.

OK, April 9th.

Mon Apr 17, 03:08:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Doug - thanks for that link, that was neat.

David - sod off :)

Mon Apr 17, 03:49:00 PM EDT  

Blogger David Aldridge said....

* ahem *


That is all.

Mon Apr 17, 04:33:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Howard J. Rogers said....

I think Doug had it right when he commented on the blog he linked to that youse are all a-copying moi. Well, apart from those of you who might be copying Niall or Mark, I spose.


Congratulations, Tom. I ought to have an anniversary some time, if only I had stayed in one place long enough!

Tue Apr 18, 12:30:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Doug Burns said....

Howard J. Rogers said....

"I ought to have an anniversary some time, if only I had stayed in one place long enough!"

True, but there is so much more *commitment* in your travels than a mere year on Blogger ;-)

Tue Apr 18, 01:56:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Congrats Tom. This is my second favourite site, first being asktom.

My wife is annoyed with me as I quote your statements in non-technical scenarios also.

All the best

Wed Apr 19, 07:28:00 AM EDT  


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