Saturday, September 10, 2005

Testing out mobile blogging again.

The treo 650 I just got has a regular qwerty keyboard on it - making typing feasible. I'm much faster on a real keyboard - but this beats the old phone by far.

The treo appears to have quite the following. treonauts they call themselves.

Now it just means I'm never disconnected from the network!

I think now I'll have to add wap friendly screens to asktom. It works as is (already did an answer from the phone just to see if it would work). Been thinking about a version two of asktom - but the list of new things I want keeps getting longer...

The blogging software referenced on that page is left hand friendly! The scrollbar is where it belongs :)

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Blogger Mathew Butler said....

I've been reading asktom and your blog from my Orange SPV C500 for some time ( )

A WAP front end to either site would be appreciated!

BTW the SPV has a feature that forces the display into a single column the width of the screen. This works pretty well for non WAP sites.

Sun Sep 11, 10:08:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Blazer (the default browser on the treo) has that feature as well -- the pages look amazingly "ok", but could look better.

No promises on a timeframe, but I do want to rebuild the entire site.

I've been trying Xiino too as a browser, it can do basic authentication (my interface to asktom requires that) but Blazer cannot :(

Xiino is measurably faster at render pages, but uses a font too large for my tastes (Blazer gets 2x the data on the screen using a micro font that is still amazingly readable).

Sun Sep 11, 10:19:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous k. krause said....


I'm a Treo 650 user too and would love a WAP front-end to

Kudos for all your excellent work. -Kevin

Mon Sep 12, 10:42:00 AM EDT  


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