Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Podcast Released

A podcast I made this week at OOW is available on otn. ...Tom Kyte talks about how to answer questions, how to ask questions, how to take corrections, how to get consensus on the top 10 features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2, and his favorite thing about Oracle OpenWorld 2005 so far....


Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hmmm ... talking about yourself in the third person? I'm sure its just a quoted summary; however, it could be an interesting way to discuss technical issues (especially if you believe in circular references)

Wed Sep 21, 10:08:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

"...Tom Kyte talks about how to answer questions,..."

I think I found another typo? I'm pretty sure you meant avoid and not "answer".

" to take corrections,..."

That sounds right.

"...Hmmm ... talking about yourself in the third person?..."

I also heard he signs every thing in crayon.

Wed Sep 21, 11:38:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Robert said....

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Thu Sep 22, 01:48:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Eddie Awad said....

Hey "Anonymous", why don't you read this guide to weblog comments. Maybe you will learn a thing or two. Here are a few quotes:

Good blog commenters add to the discussion and are known as knowledgeable, informative, friendly and engaged.

Contribute new information to the discussion.

Don’t comment for the sake of commenting.

Anonymous commenting, while sometimes necessary, can be seen as cowardly. Build your identity and own your words by placing your name and weblog address on your comments wherever possible.

personal attacks are unacceptable, useless and can quickly degrade a discussion to a third grade “Yo Mama” flamefest. Resist the urge, and be respectful and objective at all times.

Thu Sep 22, 01:59:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous jm said....

Have you thought about publishing an 'audiobook' version of your new book - may make some good use of the large amount of time we spend travelling these days

Thu Sep 22, 02:25:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Fidel said....

It is an extract from the OTN TechCasts page

Thu Sep 22, 03:13:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

talking about yourself in the third person?

Yah, just a quote from the otn site to let you know what the podcast was about.

Anonymous said...

"...Tom Kyte talks about how to answer questions,..."

you are right, the about how to take corrections was "all about you" pseudonym man. Check it out!

Crayons rock and roll, very bright colors, I like them a lot.

Thanks for playing!

(I am so glad you are showing your true colors this week when the hits are up so high from oow -- so everyone can see you for what you are. This is awesome, please -- keep coming back - really, just so they can see. It is fascinating in a strange way)

anonymous proxy server on port 8080 in turkey was used to post that. Funny how they all come in the same time with the same tone.

It could not be the same pseudonymous user could it?? Nah, even he must have some better to do than this juvenile sort of stuff???

It could not be, that would be Hypocrisy, and we all know he could not be like that?!? No....

Thu Sep 22, 05:03:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Patty said....

I too think an audio version of your book is a great idea! I don't have much time to sit and read these days but I at least have my morning run and the commute to and from work to listen to a book.

Thu Sep 22, 08:48:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Marcio said....

:) hehehe
LoL..... :)

Tom you're great! pseuDonym hehehe :-) too cool!

Thu Sep 22, 09:10:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

I just wanted to make clear that the first comment was not derrogatory towards Tom. Its poking fun at a certain consulting firm that shall remain nameless.

As for the guide to weblog comments, I hope that was pointed at the second anonymous post and not the first. Keep in mind that a guide is nothing more than a glorified group of opinions.

And since everyone else is doing it:

Word Verification: vsuwo

Thu Sep 22, 09:39:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Michael Dinh said....

jm's recommendation for an audio book would be great!

Imagine how much I would learn listening to Tom for 2-3 hours a day during my commute to work.

What are the chance's Tom?

Thu Sep 22, 10:13:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Aman Sharma said....

hi sir
I just listened your OOW podcast.It was great.Just a feedback.Your previos podcast which was on Oracle,in that your voice was not clear.The voice of the host was very clear but not yours,I think its may be that the microphone was not properly placed but this time it was very clear and it was as usual great.Wsh you all the best for the expert sessions.
Sir you talked about virtual book on OTN.Whats that?Is documentation on is different from question I know:(
once again congrats and great work.
with best regards

Thu Sep 22, 10:21:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous oraboy said....

It could not be the same pseudonymous user could it?? Nah, even he must have some better to do than this juvenile sort of stuff???

- Cool way to handle *horses* :-)

anyway, I am totally surprised..the horse guy may not know about Oracle , but doesnt he even know IPs can be traced and related to his prev posts?

its really a pity to see such a professional (??) wasting all his time in posting follow-ups here.(and if you get any anonymous posting saying - "Mike" testing 1.2.3.., I am sure the I.P would be from Afganistan.) :-)

Thu Sep 22, 10:31:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I just wanted to make clear that the first comment

Yeah, I took it that way - probably should have made two followups instead of just one on that one to make that more obvious. No offense on the third person thing (I got the hint from the circular references reference)...

Thu Sep 22, 12:01:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

jm's recommendation for an audio book would be great!

I don't think the book really makes a good "audio" book.

"sql greater than select star from t semi-colon ename empno job dash dash dash scott 7788 ........."

Thu Sep 22, 12:03:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I just listened your OOW podcast.

Yes, the first time we had technical issues. This time - I was there on site and the sound quality was much better.

Here is an example of a virtual book on transportable tablespaces.

You can access the virtual book feature on the search page (advanced search options)

Thu Sep 22, 12:10:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Bill S. said....

Downloaded and listened to your podcast at lunch. It is an experience I like (the listening to, NOT the downloading) :-D. Hope you do more podcasts in the future, it was really great to "hear" what you had to say.

Thu Sep 22, 02:12:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Tom - just heard your podcast. Where is this big article you wrote about SQL Injection with the mistake a the end? Is it in one of your books? Oracle magazine?

Thu Sep 22, 03:18:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Where is this big article you wrote about SQL Injection with the mistake a the end?

In the podcast, we talked about it - it was for Oracle magazine.

the article is here, as you can see, feedback was accepted - article corrected and corrections attributed. In fact the from the readers section included this.

Pretty cool - stuff can get fixed, people attributed -- when the article is fundementally fixable. And you can even tell what was fixed very clearly!

Points out the need for peer review, especially peer review by people that are looking for actual issues with what they are reviewing, not just saying "oh, it must be good cause so and so wrote it"

Thu Sep 22, 05:31:00 PM EDT  

Blogger cstiu said....

Got hold of the podcast, feels funny to hear you on audio after reading your answers at askTom for so long, and recently, your blog. Your actual voice doesn't seem to match up with my perception... I've always thought you had a persistent, stern, loudish voice. (Must be from all those repeated, sort of insistent replies about bind variables plus SQL injection over at askTom.:) ) Well, that's just my opinion :) Really appreciate how much time you put into askTom... Just wanted to say thanks for helping people out!

My goodness, lots of anonymous people have been busy putting in lots of comments. Are they from the same person? I wish I had THAT much time on my hands to spend on comments. But I'd rather instead to spend it on something productive, like testing out new Oracle 10gR2 features (I'd give a standing ovation for that DBMS_OUTPUT too, if I was around this year's OOW :P) or contribute a well tested/verified Oracle document for the oracle [blogging] community ;)

word verfication: orcgke <-- something to do with orcs??? :P

Thu Sep 22, 09:06:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous Logan said....

What was cool was how accessible Tom was and very accomodating. In a selfish kind of way, I'm glad the OTN lounge was out of the way this year.

I was just sitting on a couch and in comes Tom, sits down beside me and along came about 10 other folks and we had a great fireside chat for an hour...

...and to top it off, I ended up with an autographed copy of his book... All for just stopping to take a load off for a bit!!


Thanks Tom!

Fri Sep 23, 01:23:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous jm said....

I don't think the book really makes a good "audio" book.

possible point missed - I agree re reading code, but most audio books are abridged and I'm sure your book contains a lot of background, theory, best practice and description that would come across. Couple this with the fact that most contractors/consultants/employees spend more and more time travelling

Fri Sep 23, 02:28:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Anonymous said....

Due to Scott leaving oracle, his Blog has moved to:

Fri Sep 23, 09:25:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Doug Burns said....

That was enjoyable listing. All pretty familiar, but only because you were talking about the fundamentals of your approach.

Two things struck me.

1) There's obviously a lot of audio processing going on but it's served it's purpose in making everything clear and understandable. (Quite boring, I suppose, but I'm into recording)

2) I particularly enjoyed the minute or two on documentation when you seemed to me to be avoiding the RTFM acronym ;-)



Sun Sep 25, 11:45:00 AM EDT  


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