Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Time Flies

Just getting ready to do the second day of a three day seminar. I find these to be very tiring. When I'm done talking for an entire day - you can just "stick a fork in me, I am done". Well, by lunch today, I'll be halfway done anyway.

Looking forward to getting home Friday for dinner and having the three day weekend. If the weather holds as it is forecasted, we’ll have 3 days of sun and temperatures in the low 80’s(f)/29(c). 

I noticed that Jonathan Lewis has updated his site. I wish he would “blog” :) that way I could get notified instead of having to poll it from time to time. He has an interesting followup to the discussion we were having last week posted there.  You have to appreciate the quoting of Lewis Carroll’s The hunting of the Snark.

Anyway, to anyone in the area affected by the hurricane we just had – I hope you are safe and well. The pictures I’ve seen so far are incredible, hard to process. I was just down there recently and I cannot recognize it from the pictures I’ve been seeing on CNN over here in Prague. The destruction looks incredible.



Anonymous Anonymous said....

Hi, you mentionned " I wish he would “blog” :) that way I could get notified instead of having to poll it from time to time."

How can you get notified?

Tue Aug 30, 07:39:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

How can you get notified?

The RSS feeds, I subscribe to about 30 blogs and when they are updated, I get a short blurb with the title, link and an extract of what the blog says.

I use thunderbird for my blog aggregator, but there are many tools out there.

You can even get notified of updates to asktom - it has RSS feeds as well.

Wed Aug 31, 12:45:00 AM EDT  


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