Saturday, June 18, 2005

Quicky update on RSS

It might be catching on.  Pete Finnigan writes…  If you are into security (and who shouldn’t be), this is a blog to check out as well.


Anonymous Philip Douglass said....

OK, I'd just like to fight the tide a little here by pointing out that a 20-word snippet in RSS is little better than a note saying, "Hey, I wrote a post, come read it!" With only 20 words to determine the content of the entry, it's a struggle to determine if I want to take the time to open it up and read it. I regularly trim such RSS feeds from my aggregator because in the long run they are usually not worth it. The main exception are headline type feeds, like the New Scientist feed for example. It doesn't have the full article, but it does have a descriptive headline, and a brief summary of the article.

If you insist on forcing people onto your site to read your content (which is a poor use of RSS, in my opinion) you should at least ensure that they have enough information to determine if that entry is something they really want to read! Most blogging tools that I know of support the concept of an excerpt, and a main entry, and you should be able to make the excerpt more descriptive than a simple truncation of the entry.

You should also feel free to ignore the stranger telling you how to do what you do. ;) This is just my opinion.

Tue Jun 21, 11:31:00 AM EDT  


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