Saturday, June 25, 2005

Asktom is going to be unavailable

On and off this weekend, there is a software upgrade of the firewall taking place. Just thought people trying to get there might come here to tell me about it.


Blogger fuzzyllamaduck said....

Tom, I recommended your books to our Java developers and they are really enjoying them. Again, these are accolades from non-dba types, pure code slingers!

I saw your ESPN picture. Did they film you performing any Bermanesque catch phrases, "And that's why they run the backtest." or "Bind bind bind bind bind bind...VARIABLES!"

Sun Jun 26, 02:33:00 AM EDT  

Blogger fuzzyllamaduck said....

Should have mentioned earlier, Saturday Night Live is rerunning the episode with Will Ferrell's Oracle Conclave 2005 skit tonight.

Sun Jun 26, 02:59:00 AM EDT  

Anonymous Lisa said....

Would you or anyone out there happen to have a copy of the SNL Oracle Conclave skit with Will Ferrell?

Wed Nov 16, 04:50:00 PM EST  


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