Saturday, May 21, 2005

User Groups

I just got back from the NEOOUG (North East Ohio Oracle Users Group) last night. Did an all day seminar with them. They capped attendance at 165 people and we had exactly 165 people. The proceeds of the event went directly to the NEOOUG to fund the group activities for a while. This should give them seed money for a good couple of events into the future.

The audience was great. They participated (asked questions), were attentive -- sometimes hard after 3pm on a Friday (a sunny, warm Friday at that). I enjoy the seminars, especially when I get lots of questions, but they are tiring to say the least. At the end of the day, your feet and back and legs are hurting. That and you really don't feel like saying another word for a while.

But would I would like to thank the NEOOUG officers for their hospitality, especially Rumpi Gravenstein - he coordinated this event for me, made sure I was retrieved from the airport (and deposited back safely) as well as picking a very convenient hotel for me. Dinner with the group the night before was great. That's one thing that makes a trip like this all the better - I could have taken cabs, figured out where to stay, eaten dinner alone. But this is much nicer. Not something I can ever expect on a sales call though.

I'm often asked at these user group meetings "wow, how did they get you here". The answer is rather (surprisingly) simple. They asked. Seriously, that's about it - they asked me. I might not be able to say yes right away, it might be months out - but most of the times we can work something out. Especially if it is near a major city where I can mix business and pleasure (the pleasure being the user group). In the coming months I'll be at ODTUG, GMOUG, a Boston based DBA SIG, the Ohio OUG, Toronto OUG, Connecticut OUG, UKOUG, Houston OUG, and the St. Louis OUG (that takes me out to December of this year). I'm a very staunch supporter of the user groups in general. If you are not taking advantage of them yourself, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Tonight I'm taking my 12 year old son Alan to see the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - I just lent him the entire series and now that he's read it, we are really looking forward to it, sort of a guy's night out. I'll let you know tomorrow what I thought about the movie itself.

But again, thanks to everyone at the NEOOUG, you made the trip very enjoyable for me, appreciate it.


Anonymous Anonymous said....

I am from Cleveland, I did not realize that you were in my city yesterday. Hope you liked Cleveland. Did you stay in Downtown?

Sat May 21, 03:00:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Oh -- sorry you didn't know, I had it on asktom for a while (I post all public appearances there).

Stayed by Case Western (where the seminar was held) at the "Glidden House". It was pretty nice (and the restaurant, Sergio's, right next door was very good.

Sat May 21, 08:42:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Rachel said....

You forgot NYOUG :)

Sun May 22, 08:47:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

I absolutely did - NYOUG on the 9th of June - looking forward to that as I'll get to meet some Oracle-L people and have a good dinner before hand.

Now, if Rachael will just do her suspenders bit for the keynote, it'll be an awesome day (I just cast my reel out there, let's see if she bites...)

Sun May 22, 09:04:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Rachel said....

Spell my name right and I'm more likely to do it....

I'm never living that down. Ever. Oh well, there are worse things to be known for than using the word "suspenders" to an audience in Europe :)

Mon May 23, 03:28:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

Spell my name right

He very sheepishly says "I'm sorry"

this helps explain it though

Mon May 23, 03:37:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous denni50 said....

very funny Tom!(link)...

perhaps Rachel would like to share
her 'suspenders' story here for the
rest of us...lord knows we can all
use a good laugh!

Mon May 23, 04:43:00 PM EDT  

Blogger Rachel said....

Oh Lord..... as I said, I'll never live this down.

Okay, here goes:

I am American, my references in my presentations are therefore biased to American English.

Several years ago I was giving a presentation at UKOUG. The topic was contingency and 24/7 planning.

I tend to be very "folksy" when I present, I believe that if I can get my audience to laugh, they'll remember what I say. I also have a habit of presenting in (short) skirts and high heels.

So I started talking about being a paranoid DBA. That I'm the sort of person who would wear elastic in her waistband, a belt and suspenders.

Dead silence. For the remainder of my presentation the men in the audience seemed to be paying VERY close attention to me.

I found out afterwards that in England, "suspenders" are not the things men use to hold up their pants instead of a belt.... They are what Americans call garter belts.

No wonder the men were paying such close attention!

Mon May 23, 08:42:00 PM EDT  

Anonymous denni50 said....

thanks Rachel...truly very funny.

I imagine they were all hoping to
see your 'suspenders' under your
short skirt.

Several years ago I was in a relationship with someone from England and we had a grand old time laughing at each other's figure of speech, different meanings to words and phrases,,,not to mention the
ever so distinct British accent.


Tue May 24, 10:13:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Lisa said....

Oh and Tom, whilst at UKOUG, make sure you stay away from bad tempered Geordie girls. Especially when there is an unattended glass of water nearby! ;-)

Wed May 25, 07:53:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Thomas Kyte said....

whilst at UKOUG

There are always "sippy" cups with lids for those that cannot hold their water you know ;)

Wed May 25, 08:10:00 AM EDT  

Blogger Lisa said....

There are always "sippy" cups

I know, and mine will be making an appearance.
It's sort of like a trophy to me.

Wed May 25, 08:16:00 AM EDT  


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